New Rule: OT 2-Point Converts

So the CFL has quietly announced that it has approved the new rule requiring teams to go for the two point convert after a major in overtime. Personally I'm not how necessary this is considering overtimes are not that frequent anyways, but should determine the outcome quicker I guess. That's what this is all about.

Very gimicky for my liking though. Was there really a problem with overtime?
Maybe they can get back to negotiating the CBA, and stop with trying to fix things that aren't broken.


I can honestly say I'll never watch another OT period again, no kidding. This is one of the worst rules in sports. It's dumber than the shootout in hockey. The CFL once had one of the best OT formats, and they've just flushed it down the toilet. Good job... :thdn:

I'm glad that they changed the punt rule, even though I would have liked to have seen it as no penalty at all.

The change in PI is long overdue.

I wouldn't say it was quiet. It's posted on the front page of, and it was announced on Twitter. Apparently TSN covered it too. That seems pretty not quiet. Quiet would be changing it and not telling anybody, and not asking for fan input into changes either.

I agree that it wasn't really broken though. I'm not sure where the idea came from that some kind of tweak to overtime was needed.

It's a bit of a tempest in a teapot. What, do we average 1 OT game a year? Two?

Nothing about the format has changed, except the PAT now must be of the 2 point variety. It ought to further reduce the likelihood of a tie, which is a good thing.

I like how Higgins had the audacity to say the Governors agreed with the fans. Pardon me? If you read the comments on here, and one, the vast majority of fans don't like this stupid 2-point rule. This bastardization lies solely with the Governors.

Yeah, I don't remember a lot of support or push from the fans with this rule change.

Just a dumb move..

This was a lateral move. It doesn't fundamentally change the game. If anything, the league should've adopted the NCAA OT format where after two OT periods you must go for two. I just don't want to see any ties. This doesn't alleviate that, so this rule change really doesn't amount to anything.

So the scrimmage at the 35 option following a successful field goal is back after a one year hiatus.

No pass interference on uncatchable throws? Does this mean that the illegal contact on an eligible receiver penalty is out the window if the ball is thrown in the vicinity of a receiver but is ultimately uncatchable? Is the CFL reverting to the 90s by reintroducing judgment calls to make it harder on already heavily scrutinized officials?

The only change I like in this year's list is the 5 yard penalty for punts hitting punt team players after bouncing but I ask... WHY IS THIS NOT PERTINENT TO ALL KICKS HITTING OFFSIDE KICK TEAM PLAYERS??? Only punts. We've now further complicated kicking rules.

Rule changes in recent years seemed progressive to me but this year definitely bucks that trend...

Adding bells and whistles to the game like the 2 point convert overtime format is needlessly complicating the game to service the content of highlight reels.

Completely agree..

I'd like to see a categorization of suggestions and which were actually most popular by numbers... Just because some crazy wrote in suggesting the 2 point convert in OT and Higgins and gang subsequently got behind it doesn't mean it was the will of the fans as a whole...

You know, when I saw that rule change, I thought to myself, Didn't they just introduce that last year? Now we're going back... I think the CFL is getting a little crazy with all the rule changes each year.

Can you elaborate on this point please? I ask, not be a jerk, but because isn't the ball live on kickoffs? Aside from a missed field goal, I can't think of any other kick that this rule could have an effect on.

I was just going to ask the same thing. You can't be an offside player on a kickoff, because then you're offside, and penalized accordingly. Other than missed field goals, what else is there? And, for all we know, the rule may be broad enough to cover these. We got a news story describing the rule change, not the actual text of the rule.

I love the OT change, I hate a stupid convert kick in the OT. Great move by the league IMHO. :thup: As said, not a lot of OT's anyways so not a big deal. The other rule changes are fine.

I'm not a big rules guy, I mainly like the basics of the game, hitting, blocking, running, passing etc. They could change to all American rules and I'd still watch every game even though I wouldn't be happy about it but as I say it's about the fundamentals of the game I like the best.

The shootout is way more gimmicky than this OT rule, I can't watch shootouts at all, I change the channel.

I was wondering the exact same thing...

Also not a fan of the changes to obstruction rules. Just going to add more subjective decision making, not helpfull.

The changes to the overtime point after system MIGHT come in to play once or twice a season IMO.

Instead of wasting time and creating more changes for the officials to deal with, Cohon and his handlers should be negotiating with the players.

It seems to me the biggest issue with OT is the game ending in a tie (after OT). There is an easy way of changing that so there will never be a tie again. Follow what the NHL did, and have a shootout. If the game is still tied after OT, have each kicker try field goals from the 35 yard line, until there is a clear winner.

Apparently there are a lot of shootout haters - at least on this thread, but this is football right? And it would make us unique - not following NFL or college football ideas.

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They change/adjust/modify rules each and every year, and have... likely since the 1860's and before.

The only difference is that in the last 2 years it's been made public, and the public's access to information is at a level never before seen.

you oughta know that, chief :wink:

Chief still believes that the internet is the work of the Devil.

Maybe so... Just out of curiosity, how many rules are changed each year on average? It seems like they've been changing a lot recently. We had what, 4 or 5 changes last year, another 4 this year. Not to mention we're changing rules that were just changed. Seems like a bit much.

He's correct. Applicable on punts with regard to all offside players and not applicable on kickoffs. Not sure about on open field kicks but probably not. Good rule. :thup: