New Rule Changes

The CFL has brought the excitement of the kicking game back:

  1. Rule 5, Section 4 – Kick from Scrimmage

Rule change – add as Article 3, and renumber articles that follow:

“Kick from Scrimmage Going Out of Bounds in Flight?

On a kick from scrimmage going out of bounds in flight between the 20-yard lines, the receiving team will have the option of taking possession at the point the ball went out of bounds in flight, or having a 10-yard penalty applied against the kicking team at the point of the last scrimmage, with the down repeated.

Rationale for change – Forces kicking team on punts and field goal attempts to land the ball in the field of play.

This is one of only two changes I agree with, the other being the four side interpretation on the blocking play. I am opposed to the below the knee on a sack rule the most, it is ridiculous, as Jack Lambert once said "Why not just make them wear dresses."

billy, the qb is in a vulnerable position as he is looking down the field when he has made a pass and planted his front foot into the ground on the follow through, much like a punter with his leg on a follow through. The punters are given a rule to protect them because of this vulnerability, why not the qb?

I'm sure a defender grabbing hold of a QB's shoe won't be penilized.

I think what they're trying to prevent is driving ones shoulder at or below the knees which has the tendancy of making knees and shins bend in a manor they're not supposed to...

I'm all for it. I like my knees. I'd like the knees of a good Hamilton QB if we ever find one too...



Let's get Itty Bitty here!!

Have you ever had a 300 pound roid raged monster come crashing down on your knees? It's about time the league started protecting their q.b's.

And since you quoted Lambert you might as well quote Charlse Manson while your at it lol.

I guess Brock Ralph won't be needed upfront anymore. :wink: :smiley:

Wow, you didn't honestly just bring that up again did you?

OK ,so now a kicker has to bounce the ball once or twice before it goes out?
As the rule states "in flight" between the 20 yard lines.

I can see them practicing this now.

Love the new / re-instated rules. :thup:
It surely will contribute to a better game.

As for the kicking out of bounds being changed I love it.
There is nothing better for fans and for the game to be able to watch a kicker try to be strategic in "placing" a ball near a sideline and watching it bounce / roll out with no return posibility. Way better than them just stepping in a punting without having to think of the ramifications of a penalty. Way to go CFL, 2007 keeps looking great.


I coudn't resist. :lol:

Won't's not like ticat fans retain much....myself included. :wink:

The biggest change is of course the blocking from the side .............let the kickoffs spark some excitement"HE COULD GO ALL THE W:rockin:Y "

(Earl) Let's get Itty Bitty here!!
Okay! Who did Itty play for last year?

Not sure how that affects field goals at all? It doesnt does it? Singles will still be allowed to sail right out as will coffin corner punts inside the 20. Now there will be a lot more safeties when teams are pinned deep and cant chance punting it out of bounds and dont want the return. One thing we need is more safeties!!!!

It doesn't. Including field goals in the wording just closes a loophole. If the rule only said you couldn't punt the ball out of bounds, teams might line up in field goal formation to kick it out of bounds in punting situations.

JFL: Nice observation about field goals.

The changes to the kicking rules are great. I only wish they applied to the whole field rather than the sixty yards between the twenties. In one article, Wally Buono stated that the 20-yard rule was intended to give the kickers a break, but it seems to me that the best kickers can land them in bounds close to the goal. The 20-yard rule seems intended to prevent rouges.

I hate to be the one to break this to you, BUT....there are 70 yards between the twenties.

Blame it on tax season. I forgot to carry the figure from line 20 to section 7. Guess I should have opted for the 10% penalty.

I can see why the CFL did this but while it takes away from the excitement of a return, it takes away part of the strategy of football. I know all the fans love it when we pin a team deep inside their 5 or 10 yard line. Teams are going to be starting with great field position just about everytime. Basically there's no advantage to the "coffin corner" anymore you might as well just kick it in the endzone and get the point.