new Roughrider Website!!

[url=][/url] just got a nice nolonger is the ugliest website in the CFL...a title which now goes to toronto or the eskies.

the ticats and bombers probably have the nicest, IMO.

I'm gonna go with the eskies with the ugliest. Toronto's isnt that bad. I like the lions site also.

The Esks site definitely needs an upgrade.

Question tho, d_g, is this the "free" Riderville we're talking about here, or the one that's "subsidized by all members of Rider Nation"?

i'd imagine both..i can only see the free the link to see.


The new site is great, much improved. The setup is the same as far as paying, there is public access, and member access.

I love the new Site. I was expecting something else though. but this is really good.

the sask site needs to add some good wallpapers....actually, most sites do.

i just changed mine from geroy simon to a good charles roberts wallpaper i found on the bombers site, but they only have 2 to choose from.

Finally. I always knew Saskatchewan was behind in technology. :wink:

Now that is NICE.

Very nice,1000% better than the old site.

I do agree definitly a improvement

Bombers site is still the best.