New Roughrider Season; with unrelated poll.

Okay. Some say its our QB. Some say its our Offensive Coordinator. Some say its our receivers. Some say its our Head Coach. Some say its a subtle combination of a few of these while others just come out hating saying RIDERS SUCK YOU LOSERS!!!

What improvements need to be made next year? Where is Jesse Palmer? He may help us out a bit, except for his whole being white thing may throw his chances out the window. Offensive Coordinator has to go IMO. Saskargo really thinks Kent Austin is doing such a terrible job this year in Toronto that he wont be back next year. I dont think Austin wants to be back in regina but him as assistant coach may give us new perspective. One star receiver would really help. Dominguez has been completely useless for two seasons. No longer reliable IMO trade him. What else? Or am I being ridiculous to assume changes this early?

Sorry about the poll but i just had to know.

Jesse Palmer comes to the Riders and I'll never buy another Rider ticket again.....Get rid of Bellefeuille, pick up Paopao or Austin as OC - even Dunigan (god forbid) will do in a pinch.....Your comment about Dominguez is insane - it's not like he's Butterfingers French or something - the guy got least see what he can do before you cut him loose.....

.....and I like neither waffles nor pancakes.....

jm02 actually Dunigan as a coach would not be a bad thing. He did bring some good players in, but the guy had too many jobs here. If I were a Rider fan I would ask to have Ritchie as your GM and have him bring in Dunigan as OC or Head Coach, Defensive coach might be a tougher one to find. But I believe you have to chop from the top to the bottom if the riders are to see success/. Shivers has been telling Rider fans about a plan well the plan is dead. He also has many believing that the riders are good enough. Do you think this team is better then last year? I do not believe they are and I am sure there are Riders fans that would agree. I would offer Shiv player personel job only but his ego would not be able to handle that. Do not get me wrong the Riders do have some good players but there have been holse and have been exposed. Recievers not good enough, defensive backs have folded like a tent in to many games.

We know what Dominguez can do. He is a great receiver who has been injured for two seasons in a row. That is the only reason I call him useless.

Actually, Dominguez was in the States at the start of last season, then he came up here for the second half of the year. He may have been injured at some point (I don't remember) but his coming back north coincided with our winning streak to end off last year. As Burris had someone to throw to finally.

I mean, the guys is probably our best receiver since guys like Narcisse, Ellegard (can't member how to spell it) and Fairholm, and you want to cut him cause he tore ligaments?????

I agree with redwhite05 about dunigan. I was hoping he did well, and when the new ownership came in I was actually cheering for him to stay on. I knew he wouldn't, if for no other reason than his connection to the old regime..... but he seemed to do alright given the circumstances. IMO, anyways.

I wouldn't say no to cleaning house through the coaching staff, and the GM. Shivers hasn't found guys to replace our hurt guys, as was evidenced by our losing streak with guys hurt. Not having offensive game plans also contributed to that as well. Maybe some of the assistant coaches deserve to stay, I don't know enough about them to make that call..... but we're in prevent offence and prevent defence waaaaaaay too often imo to keep either co-ordinator, and Barrett should go for allowing that to continue.

To summarize, changes can not come soon enough.

I do not want Ritchie or Dunigan. Gota run to class or I would say more. I'll come back.

The defense is amazing, we just need offense. Marcel should be fired immediately, as a monkey with his head on backwards will do the job better than him. I say the QBs we have are good but if we can get Printers along with some new receivers why not? But receivers should be the first thing we replace in my opinion. If we had even one guy on the team right now like Mitchell or Tucker we would for surely be above .500

I don't want to be a QB hater here, but let's face facts. If you look at the top four teams right now, who are the QB's being talked about? It's Ray, Printers, Dickenson, Allen, and Calvillo. That is excellent company. Who is in the middle? Burris, Crandell. Who is at the bottom of the teams and their QB? Joeseph, McMannus, and Glenn.

The only anomaly, IMO, is Glenn who should be middle or top in the discussion. My point is simple. The level of QB has a direct relationship with standings. Sure, there are good players, receivers, etc, around that QB, but the strength of a CFL team starts with the QB.

Therefore, my point is the QB position needs the most attention next year. AFter that, I would go get a dynamite safety and one more DB for the defence and one other really good receiver for offence (keep Domingez as well).

Total cost equals an extra $500,000 tops. That works out to an extra 5000 seasons tickets. If the Riders did all of the above, I would buy a season's ticket even though I live 700km away just to show support for such massive spending. Anyone else with me? :mrgreen:

The above was very rough math. I realize it would not translate into that many extra season tickets, but you get my drift.

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This will hurt the Riders - just the accusation alone.

Well we are talking about replacements anyways. Smith's time is up in the CFL I'm afraid.

I want coaches with an attitude…Austin has an attitude but I dont think he would come back to Rider Land…
Time to get rid of this BS passive Offense and defensive schemes… Hall would be a useless coach… Fire him …I am tired of his lets send 3 pash rushers…
Fire Bellefool everyone knows why so nuff said… Trade for a QB and Goto Reciever…
Replace Benefield with Lefall and Mitchell with Stancil…
Trade Keith for a Money receiver and make Holmes the starting RB… cut French and Grant…
Get Rid of Greene and make Rocky the backup, If they cant get a quality QB… Crandell will have to do… a decent Offensive Coordinator will improve his performance.

Hey this armchair GMing is Fun !!! :slight_smile:

What we have to do for next year ???

  1. Fire Marcel
  2. Get another Canadian O-lineman, even Laz so we can dress four import receivers
  3. No Bailey, French and Grant are only 5th and 6 th.
  4. Jurineack, Nate, Scott, Perry should be the starting front four. Sorry Daved
  5. Kitwana Jones replaces Trevis Smith ( even before all the #$% hit the fan) i believed that.
  6. See if we can take a run a Kerry Joseph ( I don't know the status of his contract)
  7. Release Greene and Bulter and just see what you can find

Agree on the All Canadian line..Cut Thomas totally useless and always takes dumb penalties... I agree on Joseph as well ...I think he would be worth looking at since we will not be getting Printers or Mass.. Jurineack maybe done with his back problems but Lefall was playing well he just needs some time to Gell, also agree on Jones he plays with heart and needs time to develope... Get a guy like Dave Ritchie for defense someone who can instill some passion on D

No chance of Butler and Greene going anywhere as long as Shivers and Barrett are here. Ritchie Hall is pretty safe also, this guy is a genius as far as DC goes.