New Roughrider home takes a big step forward...

Actually concerts would be held at ACC.... Rogers may attract the occassional monster truck jam or a annual trade show..... barely enough to pay for the power bills.

check out Feburary... 2 whole the roof don't break down. BTW... Sportsco bought the dome for 80 million and sold it to Rogers for 25.... if the dome was that profitable I doubt Sportsco would of sold it in the first place

Ah yes, I wonder whatever became of housedog and sanjay. . .

oh, so i guess U2 didn't play the skydome 3 times since 2009. or AC/DC twice , Bon Jovi twice in 2010, deadmau5 ( no idea who they are, though ), coldplay, etc.

i must have dreamed those up.

once again, your opinion trumps facts. :roll:

...I'm happy for them....Mosaic/taylor field has seen it's day.....BUT NOW I hope they get realistic over there and put together a plan for a stadium ,that is more than just 'pie-in-the-sky'.....Build one along the line of the Winnipegs' Investors Group Field....Nobody is going to come along, with a ka-zillion dollars in their pocket, to put a domed field in that neck of the woods...I could be wrong but the economy of the day just won't allow that to happen...Good luck to them and their new digs...Hope it get's going soon.. :thup:

Wow 8 concerts in 3 years... Im sure the folks over at ACC are just eating their hearts out...
Look the whole point is that their hasnt been a dome ever built in Canada that hasn't been a huge waste of money.... BC Place looks amazing I admit...but for 600 million dollar!!!!!! They could of built 2 really nice CFL stadiums for that.... Hell they could of built A nice CFL stadium in Surrey and a NHL calibre rink beside it and BC could have 2 NHL teams now.(If Alberta can support two teams...why can't we)
If the Riders built a dome that the same thing would happen... After the honeymoon phase is over... Nobody wants to sit indoors... Yeah you could put a retractable roof...but you are still all boxed in.... Look at the amazing views currently offered at CFL games... I love the fact you can see trees in several CFL stadiums... It shows the down to earthness of the CFL that we havem't gone to dreadful bowl stadiums where 60% of the fans sit in the endzone....
That is my biggest fear with the new stadium in Winnipeg and by biggest complaint about Tempire... I honestly see no point in sitting in the endzone... you can't tell the difference between a 20 yard pass play and a pass that goes for a 5 yard loss...I will not go to a game if I have to sit in the endzone...You end up watching the game on the jumbotron. The way the old Winnipeg stadium was built should be used as a template for every CFL stadium.... 80% of the seats were between the goal lines.... with as few seats as possible in the endzone.

Exactly why I said it. Is it more compassionate to let people get their hopes up only to have them crushed again and again or to point out the obvious.

4 years ago when all this stadium talk surfaced It seemed inevitable that Ham, Wpg,and Sask,would get new stadiums along with massive renos at Montreal,BC,and Ottawa, Along with substancial renos in Edmonton and Calgary. Well four years later... Montreal, Edmonton and BC are the only ones to finish their renos... Wpg is the only other place to even begin construction... The other four... Ottawa,Saskatchewan, Hamilton, and Calgary have done Jacksquat as of today.

Yes it was painful Winnipeg...Through it all Winnipeg actually comes out looking good(only because the competion is even more pathetic..hahah)

Saskatchewan has a "lets talk about this for 20 yrs" then act attitude... the town I live in had talked about building a new arena for 20 yrs... and it was finally built... 2016 is only 5 yrs away, but if you add up all the talk about a new stadium for the Riders, it has been bandied about for some time... my guess is the Riders will have a new stadium... in the year 2031! :lol:

Happy for the Riders and Saskchewan. I hope Winnipeg, Saskchewan, Hamilton and Ottawa do well with their new stadiums. I also wouldn't mind seeing the CSL finally get it's cards in a row and ease up on NASL sanctioning.

Bombs Away i've been following attendance like crazy since the late 90's when I was 14.

First of all, I drove to Grey Cup 2000 in Calgary, I went to one game, it was the lowest attended game ever early in the 2000 season and it was 14,000. The rest of the season was closer to 19,000 every game. 2001 WAS NOT AN AVERAGE OF 14,000, YOU ARE FLAT OUT WRONG! It was around 19,000 with a lot of games in the 22,000 range.

BC LIONS NEVER AVERAGED 14,000. It was one game in 2000. Lui Passaiglias last game at BC Place drew 27,000 and i was there for it.

As far as the Argos go, they've shown in the last few years a few regular season games in the 30,000 range. They defintely averge about 20,000 or more over the last 5 seasons. Just look it up.

Bombs away, the new Winnipeg stadium will have two end zones equal in size to the other sections in the lower bowl. The difference is the upper balcony's are very large. So when I did the math, yes 80% of the seating is going to be on the sides with 20 percent in the endzones. The difference will be the site lines as these new end zones will be closer to the action.
As for myself, I enjoy sitting in the end zones sometimes. I preffer the 50 yard line, but I have no problem being in the endzone.