New Roughrider home takes a big step forward...

...Regina city council votes to work with private sector to deliver a new stadium...

A little town that could.

That is great news for the CFL.
Also heard Calgary is looking to upgrade its stadium.
That leaves Toronto and future cFL cities that need stadiums

Cool, would love to see how many people they could pack into a new place.

Toronto doesn't NEED a new stadium.
being built in 1989, skydome is currently the newest stadium in the CFL.
and once winnipeg opens the doors of investor's group field, skydome will still be the 2nd newest.

tell me one other canadian city that would replace a 22 year old stadium which is still in good working condition?

the Argos either need to market their product better and fill the 45,000 seats at skydome, or talk to MLSE about moving to the 21,800 seat BMO field.

Umm, B.C. Place may be older by foundation only, but everything inside was gutted and redone.
AND they had already discussed replacing the roof and doing renovations before the deflation. Which pegs that mark at between 22-24 years old. B.C. place was still in working condition prior to the renos.

Mcgill stadium has also been renovated more than once since the Al's returned there. And I would peg it as an overall newer stadium than skydome, nothing orginal remains.

Skydome needs a good renovation, seats need to be wider and more leg room and slope for football needs to be fixed somehow.

i agree, skydome could use a good renovation, but there is no need for a NEW stadium in Toronto.

unfortunately, Skydome is owned by Rogers, so the Argos have no say in when such renovations will occur, if ever.
Rogers did renovate all the concession/concorse area in recent years, as well as boxes. they really need to replace the seats, which have been there since day 1.

The Skydome is a hunk of crap that never should of been built... No matter where you sit you have a terrible view of the field...You sit close to the field and you cant see nothing..... and to sit far enough back that you can see anything then you are too far from the action. Empire field was only a temp facility and yet was several times better then Skytomb. The fact the Argos cover the best seats in the house is a testement to how horrible the Skytomb really is.
The Skytomb needs a date with some explosives and not now but 20 years ago. The stadium is an embarrasment to this entire country. It is a relic of when Canada was a back water country that could not do anything right(So is the big O)The Skydome is everything that is wrong with Canada.... Driven by an insane inferiority complex, they went over and above anything done at the time only to ultimately fail... The big O killed the Expos and the Als (dragging Montreal from Canada's premier city down to #3 with it)... The Jays have lost more money then any other team in professional sports history and the Argos havent turned a profit since this Skytomb was built.

Agreed 100%.
On top of which we the taxpayers just like the Big O, got hosed big time on the costs, overruns and no doubt pure graft.

:roll: this conversation just went INSANE

Name any other team in pro sports history that lost more then 400 million dollars in a 20 year span. The BlueJays losses are smaller now then before only because the dollar is stronger...but they are still continually losing 30 million a season....On a per game basis....Rogers has lost more money on the Bills then any ownership group has in the entire history of pro sports...This is also taking place in the Skytomb where the closest seat to the action is almost 100 feet away... at Tempire..youd be in one of the back rows to be as far away from the field as you are sitting in the front row at a Bills game in that craphole.Rogers will lose well in excess of 50 million and they are only playing 8 freaking games!!!!!
Then the Argos... Are their revenues even $250 K a game? I shutter to think how much money this team has lost since the Skydome has opened... Easily 100 million... Sherwood lost 17 mil, just in the few short years he owned the team...McNall lost a bundle as well. According to Rogers employees I talked to...The Argos averaged about 12000 actual fans this year and the Jays were around 15..Minda...this was back in it might of gotten worse as the seasons rolled on.
There has been 3 domes in Canada and all three have been huge failures that have screwed taxpayers and bankrupted their respective teams.
Lets start with Canada's first truely domed stadium... BC Place. In 2001 the BC Lions averaged 14000 fans a game.. I remember taking my girlfriend from Oz to a Lions game and she actually laughed out loud at what a pathetic experience it was...The team was sold to Dave Brayley for 1 measly dollar... Yeah lots of CFL teams have had there differculties... but how many actually reported attendances of 14K(which means under 10K in actual paying fans) It litterally took the second coming to reserect this dead franchise... His name was Jesus(Bob Ackles)Christ.
Lets move on to Canada's newest domed stadium...The big O(wasnt domed for well over 10 years after completion date )Can you say 7000 fans... The Expos actually were lying...many reports had it at around 2000 fans that actually showed up.Then you got the Als.... You would have to go to Sam Boyd Stadium in 94 to find smaller CFL crowds then Montreal had in 86...Many crowds were announced at 5000...then they eventually stopped reporting attendance. The team returned a decade later only to play in front of 8000 fans. The team was all set to move to Ottawa before U2 came to town...
Now lets focus on Skydome(I wonder if the fan who won the naming contest still gets to go to all events for free,even after the name change...Even he probablly doesn't go to Bills games there..haha)It bears repeating.... THE TORONTO BLUEJAYS HAVE LOST MORE MONEY THEN ANY OTHER PROFESIONAL SPORTS TEAM ANYWHERE ON THIS ENTIRE PLANET!!!!!After first moving into Skydome the Jays were profitable(very profitable at that) They were drawing 4 million fans a year and their payroll was 20 million a year. Then 2 things happened... Their payroll went from 20 million to 50 million in just one season,and fans started to realize that the skydome was the worst place in North America to watch a baseball game.The very minute the team started losing... 1/3 of the fan base disappeared... the other 1/3 stuck around for a while longer but now they are gone too. CFL fans like to laugh at the Jays...but sadly the Argos crowds are also 1/3 of what they need to be....
Put the wrecking ball to that monstrocity... Build a cute 35000 seat football stadium for 300 million and build major league worthy, but still economical 35000 seat baseball stadium for 450 ,and get with the 21st century Toronto.

The Skydome is the dumbest most insane stadium ever built. Still newish as you say dg but a stadium that fans of the Jays, Argos, potential NFL team, MLS team don't want. It's a baseball stadium first and foremost and yet there are articles routinely from Jays fans saying time for a real baseball stadium.

Sold for $25 mill, not.close to the reno IWS is undergoing. That says it all.

this is according to a...... rogers employee...did...he ...count..them .......all? your opinion links or...facts.

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Bombs Away

Otherwise, great news. Can't wait...

Unless you honestly believe that two out of every 3 seats in the lower bowl at skydome was filled this season then what is your point Drummer..... I bought a seat at the five yard line, yet sat at mid field about 30 rows up ......As a matter of fact there wasn't a single person in my row.
There was a crazy guy litterally running down each one to get in his way. This was for the Rider game and you seen way more green then blue....As sparse as it was it would of been much worse without the Rider fans. Thre entire pocket of fans in front of the 55 behind the tarped off seats was all green. Anyone who thinks that Skydome has a future as a viable football or baseball stadium needs to give their head a shake.... Rogers got ripped off when they payed 25 million for it.... Theyd be best to tear it down and sell the land for parking.....then use the parking money to build a new baseball stadium at Lamport(which they now own 35% of) and try to get some money from governments for the transportation issues that exsist at that venue. On the other hand Dave Brayley needs a legacy project .... Build a stadium David....what else you going to do with your money.... give even more to the university.... You already gave them 7million... I doubt this will happen..I dont think Brayley has that kind of cash anyways...hahah

I actually counted 3 or four random rows got an average and then did the math in my head and came to a total of just over 8000 fans... That is why I went to talk to the Rogers employee in the first place.... At kickoff I would estimate there was fewer then 5K in the building.... It did fill up slightly by the second quarter. much as I don't care, I'd have to think the Jays got more than fifteen fans out each game...

This sure has gotten off topic...

IMO this announcement doesn't mean much. When the shovels are in the ground then it will mean something.

to say rogers got ripped off buying the skydome for $25million shows how little you know.
rogers made their money back long ago on concerts alone.

...I agree with your first comment...on the second tho, c'mon, how many years did you BB fans suffer under the 'pfffft, let me know when the backhoes are on site' phase for your own stadium...

...of all fans, I'd have thought those wearing blue and gold would've have compassion to understand...