New Roughrider Fans

I am from Texas, and I am now officially a CFL fan! The NFL has lost its purpose, and it is all about the sucks!

I didn't realize how passionate the fans of the CFL really are...and after careful consideration...I have chosen the RoughRiders, as my team.

The surrounding community seems to be similar to my hometown (Lubbock, TX), except colder..Basically the same size, surrounded by flat farmland. I've thouroughly explored Regina and Saskatchewan with Google Earth...simarly...I've seen many Youtube videos...from Mosaic Stadium.

Also, the stadium, although smaller than most, seems to be filled with passionate fans, that are loud!

I am a new roughrider fan...any others out there?

Welcome to Rider Nation. We are everywhere except Lubbock ... until now, that is! Thanks for opening the fan club and feel free to get others to join 8)

I hope you are able to see all the Riders (and other CFL) games in Lubbock - it is like you say, players don't get paid alot relative to their "major league" counterparts so there is still much of that play for the love of the sport mentatily that hasn't been eroded yet.

Although I'm not a new Rider fan, I want to join beagle in welcoming you to the Rider Nation. [sarcasm on] you will find that we are an agreeable lot :wink: [sarcasm off], the one all Rider fans can agree on is that we are passionate about our team, even if we do have some disagreements now and then... :cowboy: No doubt there will be some spirited debates, but that is part of the fun of being a Rider fan, I believe that the varying opinions about the Riders from the fans is a strength rather than a weakness.. it keeps the people who actually run the organization honest. Again, welcome fellow Rider brother! :thup:

We don't have a lot of Texans on the roster these days. Glancing it over, I can only see two.

With Jyles getting the start today, it looks like Dalton Bell lost the battle for the backup QB spot and dropped to #3 on the depth chart.
Johnny Quinn might not even make it out of training camp, and if he does, it will likely be onto the practice roster. Gerran Walker, Weston Dressler, Chris Jones, and Rob Bagg are looking to be the wideouts.

Management has gone out of their way to bring in a lot of local talent lately. Almost half the team is either from Saskatchewan or North Dakota. It's a lot different than the MLB, NHL, or NFL. Saskathewan had more players on the Penguins than the whole state of Pennsylvania ( but you probably don't watch too much hockey in Texas ).

Thanks for the warm welcome....

Bear with me, I'll try to get my signature pictures downsized...I've been told that they are too big.

Eric Morris, is on the roster, and from the looks of it he might make it as a punt returner. He is a Lubbock, TX product and played at Texas Tech. We called him "The Elf". So everyone go ahead and start calling him "The Elf"!

I really wished Graham Harrell would've tried out with the Roughriders...I know management was talking to his agent at one time. His style of play is prime for the CFL, and he could've told the NFL to go shove it!

I actually live in Austin now, but am from Lubbock. I'd like to try to make it up to Mosaic for a game sometime, it looks like a lot of fun!

Anyone know the best way to watch games this year online or something? :rockin:

America One lists as an affiliate

Mark7 wrote: is also shown as a streaming site, so the games will be streamed here then?

Outside of North America, yes.

In the U.S., only games that are not already on

Harrell is still on the Rider's neg list which means if he does decide to come to the CFL no other team can sign him. I think Morris will make the team so maybe that's the connection that will get Harrell here. On the large CFL field they might be a pretty deadly combination. Sorry, I have no idea how you can get CFL games in Austin.

If you are serious, and don’t have an America One or whatever regional carrier that has some games, buy a slingbox, get it to a Canadian CFL fan, and use that. You’ll get every game…

I don't know if this will help.

[url=] ... e_2009.pdf[/url]

That helps tremendously. In fact that was only recently posted.

The first game will be coming on ESPN 360! I can't wait to watch the first game for my new favorite team!

Let's hope we don't lay an egg! I've always thought CFL linebackers were allready too small. Now Etch wants to go with a pair of DBs as outside linebackers. I dunno......?