New roster rules in NFL, could effect CFL mid season rosters

On NFL cutdown day, 1st week of September
there will be 64 and then in 2022, 128 less players to pick from.

Another reason for the 2.0 initiative. With this, the XFL and a maybe team in Halifax there’s so much talent to go around.

Good news for players assuming the NFLPA gives it the green light.

48 players game day . Wow .

Getting to be more situational players being used exclusively for that one or two plays in the game .

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Another thing is by the NFL going to 17 games from 16 games means the NFL regular season would have to start 1 week earlier (Last week of August)
as I could not see the 17th game added at the end of the season in January
That bites right into CFL prime time

Time for the Canadian Football League to put the Canadians back into the league. Right now nfl veteran Canadians under the new CBA( as reported by Dave Naylor) such as Duvernay-Tardif, would have to be paid as a rookie Canadian ( max of 65k or so) rather than be paid for their ability. Why do we discriminate against our own athletes?
With the XFL so far looking like it might make it this time, and the NFL offering more money and more possible positions on their rosters it is time for our league to utilize our athletes and the best of global players to play in the league. My opinion your thoughts?

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According to Naylor's article, the league wants to change the language changed in the CBA and have actually approved the change. It needs the PA to sign off.

Hard to see how this oversight was missed by both parties. I think it's going to be hard to get the PA to agree to this during the current CBA. Effectively having members agree to change something that would allow non-member to compete for jobs.

This is one of the reasons Ottawa’s Antoine Pruneau was among the many Canadians who were opposed to the new CBA he went so far as to intimate that the league was trying to get Canadians out of the league

So how are they going to work out a 17 game schedule exactly ?

My guess is probably sticking to the standard 8 home/8 away with the additional game being perhaps a neutral site affair ?

Is this correct Grover ? The only other way I see it working would be for a yearly rotation for each team with an additional home game every second year . So basically half the teams in the league would play 1 more home game in year one . The other teams play 1 more away game and in year two the process gets reversed .

This has some information
If implemented, It probably wouldn't start until the 2022 season

And I would bet that TOR at skydump could be a neutral site venue

I could see teams having the option of "selling" their home game to a neutral site but think that the higher revenue teams would keep them local.

Why not just go to 18 ?

Maybe this is a conversation starter .

NFLPA seriously split on adding ONE game ... 18 is next CBA talks ... maybe

The NFL has floated around the idea of the 17th game being played outside the United States, which would divide the schedule with eight home games, eight road games, and one "International Series" game. Obviously some of these games would be played in London, but the league could also add games in Mexico City (which already hosts one NFL game a season). The league could also enter new markets in Germany and Spain (Berlin, Madrid, or Barcelona) or potentially try other countries such as Japan, Australia or Brazil (former American Bowl sites). The NFL once staged international games in Toronto, while other Canadian cities such as Vancouver, Calgary, and Ottawa could be options. If the league is committed to making football a global game, having NFL regular season games around the world would be a huge step in that direction.

So much for the CFL being the biggest global football league in the world.

The NFL can use the extra game as additional home game to be played in the existing stadiums.

It can be leveraged as a 'perk' when extracting public money for upgrades and/or new stadiums.

9 regular season home games instead of 8? That's a bigger 'economic impact'... rich get richer

Perhaps, CFL 2.0 will get the CFL a few more players and the odd spot for Cdn players to play and hone their skills.

But if the NFL uses the extra game for international, than the CFL 2.0 can pretty much kiss goodbye any international dollars they were hoping to get.