......................$450 MILLION DOLLARS for a roof, and we think that $100m for a new Pan Am stadium is expensive.

[url=] ... roof_cost/[/url]

Hamilton is a joke money wise compared with Vancouver. Love the city but why doesn't the NHL want to come here? Doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out why. I'll give this city a break if we build a great CFL/soccer stadium for the Pan-Ams after the dumb, stupid Copps Coliseum "here we come NHL" arena. The city doesn't know it's arse from a hole in the ground. Oh, and BTW, let's not put much into the stadium we have for the team we DO have, the TiCats, so we can't host a Grey Cup. No wonder Hamilton is the laughing stock of most people out there, it's a joke, let's see if it can do the Pan-Am Games right and the Ticats, which I very much doubt.

What the hell is at BC Place other than the Lions and concerts?

Nothing wrong with Copps -It still is a great hockey rink, Hamilton just gets shafted all the time, from the airport to funding for a stadium,and whats wrong with adding temp seating to IW for a G.C?

Actually I think thats propobly the best way to go about it... We dont need a 35k+ stadium for hosting the G.C once a decade. It'll just cost more to maintain.

I agree there's nothing wrong with Copps, I enjoy watching hockey in that arena when the place is at least 3/4 capacity. That being said, it was built for an NHL team, and there was and still isn't an NHL team in the arena, so there's a problem in the first place why that wasn't taken care of before they invested so much money into this arena. AHL and OHL hockey doesn't seem to work in it because it's too big. Anyways, I've said this many times here.

What's wrong with adding temporary seating to IWS for a GC? Why don't you ask Bob Young this and see what his answer is.

It does not matter what you do with IWS.... if you renovate it and bring it upto date people will complain

if you build a new stadium people will complain

No a new stadium doesn't need to be a 35,000 seater Hamilton cannot fill it .. a 20,000 seater will fit the ticats just fine

Uhh, in response to the topic-- although, that does seem passe sometimes...

I'm happy that one of the premier markets in this league is getting alterations to make for a better, more football friendly stadium. Hopefully (and, pretty sure I heard it would be) capacity will be dropped substantially and, somehow, a more intimate atmosphere can be acheived.

This is a good thing -- regardless of what happens here in Hamilton -- for the CFL. Sure seems like a steep price though. Maybe it includes some of the reno's for the Olympics?

I agree about the complaining. If we do get a new stadium it will always be compared to the "sight lines" at Ivor Wynne. That seems to be the buzzword with that stadium. If we don't there will always be those that complain about the benches and concessions at IWS. BUT, we do need a new stadium :stuck_out_tongue: .

I think a 20 000 seater would not be adequate but a 35 000 seater would feel empty 25 000 seats would do fine by me if it was modern with comfortable seats.

$100 Million doesn't seem so much now when Vancouver is spending 4 times that for a ROOF! Maybe the city is not paying for it, I don't know, I didn't read the article. However, it doesn't seem that we will ever get a decent stadium for any less. 100M is the floor amount I think.

[i]Friday's game was also the last at the current B.C. Place dome, which will be replaced by a retractable roof starting next year.

The current roof was inflated in November 1982, and the construction of the new dome is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2011.

Next season, the Lions will play at Empire Stadium, their former home. [/i]

[url=] ... 70336.html[/url]

Actually several functions take place at B.C.Place: CFL Lions home games, concerts, boat shows, car shows, Recreational shows, Home & Garden shows and last but not least it will be the home of the Vancouver WhiteCaps soccer team.

Not sure if this justifies a $450 Million new roof. But hey, the Grey Cup is slated to be played there in 2011. Imagine Hamilton and B.C. meeting up the Grey Cup that year! Course the roof will be closed in late November unless the weather is brilliant.

Some here was wondering if the roof renovations had anything to do with the Olympics taking place in February 2010. They won't be starting the roof replacement until after the Olympics.

Why on Earth would Hamilton want to go from a 25,000 seat stadium to a 20,000? If anything, add a retractable roof like BC or Skydome, 35,000 seats with the ability to go higher for large events (Grey Cup) and you'll have a valuable amenity.

You're a little late to the mix. Very old news.

What else you have for us? Has anyone invented fire yet?

Very childish old are you??

and you are a little late commenting!! This was posted on the 25th of October and its now the 9th of November!!

It was announced and signed off on the 23rd of October and reported here next day so what's your problem, zenstate?
Are you guys on the left coast a little slow?
Yes an unbelievable $450M

[url=] ... -roof.html[/url]

This has been in the news for almost a year.