New rivalry in Tigertown?

Started at half time when Mike Kelly was proceeding with his team to the locker room and everybody was chanting CHEATERS! CHEATERS! CHEATERS! You could tell Kelly was burning up. Then came a Brawl between what I think was 2 Ticat fans and two Bomber fans that resulted in some blood. Then throughout the game people would go from CHEATERS! to BOMBERS SUCK! After the Ticats won, and Kelly was on his way out again, people were teasing him shouting again CHEATERS! CHEATERS! CHEATERS! but also mocking him saying "the Bombers are a non-issue. I don't wanna talk about it! It's a non-issue." Following this a fan whipped a pepsi bottle at a Bomber player and got thrown out of the stadium. Kelly was burning up, and so were the players and Hamilton was loving it. I think that was they're punishment for spying on us.

He's a real arrogant s.o.b. anyway. I'm glad he understands now that the Cat's are no push overs. He came in here cocky as hell and left with his tail between his legs. :cowboy: :lol:

The Winnipeg fans on this forum make it easy enough to hate the Peg, but a guy like Mike Kelly makes them teeter on the edge of a magnitude of hatred so great, that there is only one other team that we can possibly hate more, and we all know who that is. It was sweet to be on the better end of this matchup though, especially with all the hype going in.

I was waiting for one of those who were there at IWS to report on what kind of heckling was directed at Kelly and the Bombers. I did hear the "Bombers suck" chants, and I noticed that was near the end of the 1st half. Good to know we can count on fans at IWS to ensure that Kelly got the heckling he deserved.

And those two teams play each other next Friday. It's almost hard to decide which of those two teams I'd prefer to see lose the game.

Well you can't tell me that it hasn't brought the passion back to the game for you ?

When was the last time you felt this good after a win ?

Your welcome.

It's been a rivalry forever, just magnified by the Bombers being in the East now and the Spygate nonsense.

Just hearing "Kenny Ploen" gets a lot of folks reminscing about how intense the rivalry used to be.

For me, it was Clements-for-Brock. In a reverse sense, it was my anger at the trade that made me dislike the Bombers more at that time.

There's also this nagging feeling I get from a certain few Bomber fans on these boards -- emphasis on a few -- that some historical perspective is a good thing when trashing the rest of the league ad nauseum. 1990 and the top of the mountain was a long time ago. LOL Compare those select individuals who grate with the general decorum of long-suffering Rider fans IMHO and it's night-and-day for me. I can have civilized convos with almost every fanbase in the league, even Argo fans in comparison.

Oski Wee Wee,

Mike KELLY almost makes you forget that that big mouth jerk Doug BROWN plays for them. HAHA, not talking smack anymore are you BROWN....yaya, viral infection we know.......more like yeast infection....BEAT IT BROWN!!!!!

The last time I sensed such hostility towards Winnipeg at Ivor Wynne was many years ago during a play-off game. It was snowing and the fans in the east end zone hammered the Bombers with snowballs as they entered or exited the visitor's locker room. We beat the Bombers if I recall correctly and Chris Walby got to frustrated at the abuse that he hurled his helmet at the fans and knocked a young kid up in the end zone seats unconscious.

I know sometimes us fans can get swept up in the emotion of a game where there are some bad feelings, but it's a particularly dangerous situation when projectiles get hurled at players and staff on the field. I once saw a guy get so out of control that he was checking his pockets to try to find stuff to throw.

Fans should just use their voices to display displeasure. Let the players sort out their animosity on the field of play. If they want to bust their knuckles on the other guy's helmet or faceguard, that's ok by me.

Having said all of that, I think the chants of "cheaters!...cheaters!" was fair commentary because of the Winnipeg coach's attitude he displayed to reporters during the week. And if the chanting rattled Kelly and the Winnipeg players, that's all good stuff too! All's fair in love, war and espionage :twisted:

Good to know the cat fans gave it to Kelly! :thup:

15 championships:
Thanks for the post.
I was not at the game but other than the stupid bottle throwing incident I think the fans were magnificent.
Kelly deserves everything he gets.

The rivalry is old but Mike Kelly and Bomber fans have lit a bonfire under it. The win was almost as enjoyable when we defeat the Argos.The extent of my hangover and soar throat makes me feel that our rivalry with the Bombers is a close second with T.O.

What made it even sweeter is that all week Bomber fans have been on here and on their forums swearing up and down they were going to beat us and were already mocking us and telling us we better shut up and not say about them cheating when we get spanked by the Bombers. Couldn't wait to get home to dish out a few more "I told you so"'s. Same thing with the BC game. Don't underestimate the Ticats this year is the big lesson all around.

Don't forget we have to go back to their field and you can bet they show us a warm reception. Isn't the CFL great. :lol:

Sat, July 12. 2009. Nary a Bomber or Bomber fan in sight.