New Riders/Stamps/Eskimos Jerseys

has anybody seen the style of Hockey/Football jerseys that river city sports is selling, what do you guys think of them. I have posted the links below. Only 3 teams so far have them.

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Not bad. It could help promote the CFL through winter in sports arenas!

Too bad there aren't nine of them. Thanks for the links.

I like them ... though I do wish the Stamps one was red. Hopefully they come out with the other 6 sometime soon, or at least eventually. Would be a neat thing to wear to the rink!

this is a cool idea....i'd buy one if i had the money

I'm surprised they didn't come out with a Bombers' hockey jersey first, since these guys are based out of Winnipeg, I believe.

The stamps jersey here is beautiful. Maybe Rebok should look here the next time they design a stamps jersey. I’d buy one too if I had the money.

no way!!!!!!!!
Gotta keep hockeyand football as far apart as possible

we should get some basball ones for the montreal fans.

Bombers already have a hockey jersey, I know I own one. And could they at least try to set apart with some different style. Geez

They aren't so great. I'd rather have an actual Rider/Stamp/Eskies jersey

Id buy one of them. Good to wear to a grey cup game thats in November. Especially if its a little chillier out then it should eb for football. Never to cold for football though.

I think they are rancid but I guess that's why I'm not a fashion designer.

Man, that would be a commercial failure. I can’t remember seing anyone with an Expos jersey when we had the team, except for that guy in a wheelchair that used to sell pencils in front of the Big-O entrance…

God damn...

Those are so awesome.

There's something similar, hockey-themed as well, that I found a long time ago. Barbarian Rugby Wear, the company that I get all of my rugby shorts from, has rugby shirts representing all six canadian teams. Check that out if you like this (Barbarian jerseys are sturdy and last a while if you're not actually playing rugby in them...definitely check it out).