New Rider Team Vehicle

Just kidding! Hope your guys get better.

I don't want any excuses when we come to town and whup you guys in September. :wink:

Priceless! Thanks for the laugh!

That is funny. To bad the real injuries arent funny. Riders are having no luck but bad luck.

The Rider team doctor is going to be our MOP this year... LOL

That is priceless, just made my day LOL

Thats awesome....wish ours in saskatoon looked like that. My boss is a big rider fan so, who knows lol

Cool! Now you guys can race the Eskimo fire truck.

After I calculate the watermellon ratio versus the pumkin ratio! I think it's the team that wants it the most! It's up 2 the fruit that wants it the most! wOW WHATA wierd post!LOL

I would have to suggest that the riders get a new team buss, as that one isn't large enough.