New rider signing

I vaguely remembered something about this after you stated this, and Stephen A. Smith earlier this year is as informed and connected as they come in the media to the players and some NFL team management.

Even before we get to Claypool’s specific situation, this matter of the locker room is a matter than can even arise when there are not marked problems but there has been chatter, and all things being about the same, teams will simply go opt for the younger and often the cheaper so as to trade a doubt for a certainty.

Note when reading the following article and candid comments that Stephen A. Smith has been building these relationships for over three decades now.

"There’s a few people that have been out of the NFL for reasons other than their game. Chase Claypool, he can ball, but he was a hazard in the locker room in the eyes of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was a hazard in the locker room in the eyes of the Chicago Bears.

"I’ve only met him once only talk to him at the Super Bowl in Arizona and somebody needed to tell him, so I told them they’re about to get you up out of here bro… There are brothers who could have an additional four or five years playing football, but they didn’t want them in the locker room.

Stephen A. Smith looked out for Claypool and did him a huge favour, whether it was taken that way or not.

There’s some more on this front in the article, and such a situation is not unique to Claypool and many a “54th man” or even lower who is in his option year or going off his first contract in the NFL.


You can be just about sure that talented guys like Claypool, being traded out of Chicago for what amounts to a bag of practice balls, have problems we don’t see.

If they have value - they want the team they are trading them to to pony up with something of value equal to the players value. A late round draft pick screams “get him outta here…”