New Rider Logo

Well, not an official logo. But, if there are any photoshop junkies out there, please submit your own. Lets have some fun.

Probably lose a lawsuit to the owner of the Superman copyright, too similar with the "S".

Why does Sask need a new logo?

Yes, a lawsuit for sure. And we don't need a new logo. I thought this might help pass the time until some CFL news come our way.

I prefer what we have now.

Nice logo designs, Roger. I always enjoy seeing what other designs people can come up with. Its hard to find it with the cfl.

Thanks. It was fun.

Maybe we should pursue something with a tractor or a banjo?

I am debating whether I should bother heading down to see the reveal tomorrow.

Got chills when the Pep Band fired up at the jersey launch today.

Rest assured, the new jerseys look waaay better on the players than in the old man golf shirt photos that were going around... same colour scheme though. Not much of a logo change... I guess we can keep the logo ideas flowing for next year :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanted to go to the jersey unveiling; that would have been a good time! Can't wait to see them in person. :rockin: