New Ricky article on

I'd have to agree with this. I don't know what anyone who knows football could point to that would make me think that Ricky isn't going to tear it up in a big way...

Fortunitly , more credible news papers would disagree with this , and the vast majority of articles have been positive about Williams , it would be nice if some one would also post the many of those articles. CHECK , SLAM SPORTS.COM

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It remain to be seen weither he will tear up the league. He has to stay healthy and the CFL is a different game.The right wing in the U.S. has a bee up their butt when it comes to pot. In Canada we are a little more Liberal but their are those here as well.

Again , if people don't like this they can just BOY COTT the CFL , but in both the U.S. and Canada that doesn't seem to be happening. :thup:

I guss their are allowed to sell pot magazines in the U.S. :stuck_out_tongue: