New Regina stadium

Just admiring the new stadium in Regina. Built for 33,000, but expandable to 40,000, which I'm sure they would have no problem drawing. Have a look and drool!

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So, we will have two new football-specific stadia in the West, one brand new stadium in the East (Tim Horton in Tabby town), and a refurbished stadium in Ottawa (TD place).

That leaves Montreal with a less-than-professional-looking-oddly-built college stadium with a Neurological hospital constituting one end-zone, the other end-zone with the rear-end of a sports complex and where you can't add extra seats because you can't cut down trees..... And the Argos with a population of 5,000,000+ but can't draw more than 20,000 who will be looking for new quarters at the end of the 2018 season..... Sheesh!

It is my sincere hope that all CFLteams rebuild their stadia or build new ones. I just hope that we actually have a 2014 football season to see football in the two new facilities in the East!