New Regina Stadium

No, I never said they couldnt afford afford to go to football…I said that for hockey. hockey is a pile more games at double the price…5% of the area 40+ times a year.

Could they support football if both teams are successful? most likely. Could they limp along if the teams struggle…not so sure…fans are fickle…only a decade ago the Riders were flat broke…dont forget that. About 3-4 years ago I recall reading that about 5800 season ticket holders were from northern Saskatchewan and about 7500-8000 attended on average for gamedays, and unless the Roughriders franchise feels that they can fill those seats with other people, they are not going to permit it…they have territorial rights. Thats why I said they only way I could see it happening is if the Riders had a major stake in it. Also…a lot of people in the Saskatoon area say that they would rather have the Riders as is as opposed to their own team at this time…majority…I have no idea…simply a lot that I talk to.

Let me get this straight: you're comparing Los Angeles with a population in the metro area of over 18 million people, to the city of Saskatoon that has a population of 257,000 and the entire province of Saskatchewan with just over 1,000,000 as an example of locations that could support two pro franchises? Really?

I've officially heard it all on this forum. :roll:

The guy was just being a troll, no need to reply to his post.

It's always good to remember.......Don't Feed The TROLLS!!!! :wink:

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In my last post,I wasn't comparing the population base of the metropolitian Los Angeles with Saskatoon, it was about their region names.. they had 2 teams (different leagues), one Los Angeles, the other California.

And Im not a troll...

I don't think anyone thinks the location name of the cities is the issue we're discussing. The topic of discussion is that the Province doesn't want two teams because the Province, not just Regina, is made up of diehard Rider fans. And the population/corporate support would make it a disaster for both teams.

You're right there depopulation, I see what you're saying about territorial rights and also that Saskatoon would rather be Rider fans that have a franchise of their own, that makes more sense. I miss understood you that talking about hockey.

Riderfan - Exactly.

Cragers - It didn`t come across like that, so I apologise for calling you a troll (just seems to be too much of it going on around here lately).