New Regina Stadium

As I said Slimjim, “expandable to 50k”, I said the 24k-30k is perfect for regular season, so the stadium wouldn’t be sitting with empty seats. If you have 50K for the Grey cup, it would bring more people to the city of the game. not only the team would benefit but the city would too.

Beautiful design.

One picture looking from the open end of the stadium showed an opening in the stands in the back right-hand corner. Any idea why? My only guess is to "vent" wind, assuming the prevailing winds would normally come from the open end into the stadium; but that begs the question why not swing it 180 degrees and have a solid "wall" blocking the wind.

Looks a lot like the Winnipeg stadium but with a more functonal awning.

Looks great.
I haven't read or seen it anywhere, however they were previously talking about the capability to turn it into a dome stadium.

The provincial funding was dependent on the stadium being designed as roof ready, which apparently this is. I don’t think you’ll ever see a roof on it (it would cost as much as the stadium itself) but that was a requirement for provincial funding.

The open end of the stadium is the south end, so for the most part, winds won't be coming from there. Most of the winds around here come from the west and northwest, where you have your "solid wall". The opening on the northeast corner must be a main entrance (my guess).

I hope they never put a dome on it. The stadium is better without it

Good guess, but would think that could be accomplished with a “tunnel” like elsewhere in the stadium. Juts a curiosity in a beautiful stadium design.

Nice Stadium, looks great. Well done . BUT 40,000 seats. Is this real. Take Regina's population growth over the next 30 years
and that's a small stadium. Oh I see a franchise in Saskatoon for sure. In 30 years Halifax will almost be ready as the 14th
CFL Team if Mayor and provincial government approves.

A couple thoughts:

  • Love the look... very attractive....
  • Looks similar to the existing stadium configuration/structure but modernized, with wings (so the avid rider fan wife says)!
  • Upon first site, it reminds me a lot of Investors Group Field.
  • 33,000 capacity expandable to only 40,000. Seems like they missed the mark here on expand-ability.
  • Although nice, it is a let down in my opinion compared to the designs that were initially floated. My thoughts are that the original design was cost prohibitive... thus the changes.
  • I cannot see how this is 'roof ready' (and nothing I can find on the posted website or others addresses this fact). The proposed roof system appears to be cantilevered trusses. The only way I see it being roof ready is to build a structure around the stadium much like BC did... (I can't recall if 'roof ready' was for a retractable roof or stationary... that would play into considerations)

Don't get me wrong, I like it - I do, but I think the bill of goods sold initially does not line-up with the end product.

This link above has info on the full roof in the future.....on the cost of it perhaps inflation will play a role.

Why does this cost 100 million more then IGF?... Endzone seats are a huge mistake too... Why not go to the new party zone standing room model that Montreal is tearing out seats to accomidate

I agree with the endzone thing


  • inflation
  • more expensive workforce
  • from what I have hear the boxes are a step up
  • more concrete, and more re-enforcement (which sounds like it is a darned good call)
  • relocation / removal of other entities, plus there is actually a lot more ground work site to site comparatively.

PCL also likely wasn’t the low bid. There are some significant contributing factors as to why they would get it even if not low.

There’s going to be a free public lounge available at the stadium, don’t need to have a “party zone” because you can’t sell tickets there. The Riders will sell those tickets easily. Lot’s of time for partying before and after the game.

Sigh....once again for you non-Saskatchewan residents. There is not going to be a franchise in Saskatoon for at least 30 years if ever. Saskatoon is diehard Rider country, and the Province does not have the population to support two teams anyways. Each city only has about 200,000 people, the Province just over a million in total. You would take one solid franchise and then have two failing franchises. There's also not enough corporate support, there's barely enough for the Riders. It would be virtually impossible to get money to build another stadium, especially for a team that's not the Saskatchewan Roughriders. When I lived in Saskatoon for many years we loved taking the quick road trip to Regina for games. Saskatoon has a team, they're the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Exactly! Don't know why people always bring up Saskatoon as a possible expansion site. As well as what was mentioned above, the Riders won't ever agree to allowing another franchise in their territory, doesn't matter how big the 'Toon gets in the future. The SASKATCHEWAN Roughriders will never want to go back to being the Regina Roughriders, ever.

If you look at Saskatchewan as a baby Alberta then you understand that Saskatoon should eventually get a team. The modern era of the CFL began in 1958... According to this and ... story.aspx Calgary and Edmonton had a similar populations in 1958 that Regina and Sakatoon now have. Alberta did not have NHL teams at the time and neither does Saskatchewan... The CFL should put a team in Saskatchewan before the NHL does.According to these charts, that is about 20 years away.

NHL has been flirted isn't happening any time soon. The city simply isn't big enough. Call Saskatoon and immediate area 300,000...I just cant see 5% of any City attending 40+ games at a hundred bucks a night. I think you need a realistic drawing population of ~600k for that many games at that price.

Saskatchewan wont make 2 weak football simply wont someone stated, the Riders wouldn't allow it anyways. if the population should continue going up as it is, then in 10 years it will be pushing 500k...maybe then they relook the option, but Regina would need to grow at the same rate for them to consider it...and honestly, they would likely say no unless they were a major partner.

OK let me get this straight, You're saying a city like Saskatoon, which has a metro population of 260+, people there couldn't afford to go to football games (whether it's single or season tickets)? And a city that ALREADY has a football team, Regina that has a metro population base of 210+, which is right behind Saskatoon in recent census facts,and sells out MOST of their home games? It's not pushing 500K in 10yrs, they're there now, with both cities combined. And in 10yrs, the population of both will grow.

Come on, you can't tell me, that Saskatachewan, from what I''ve heard on and read on the net being this hot bed of life-sciences, insurance and finanical services, telecommunications and agriculture. Can't afford 2 football teams. Sorry, the math just doesn't [no pun intended] ADD up!!

I just don't get where people are coming up that you have to have this BIG metropolis just in order to have a football franchise in their city, yet you have small cities like Regina and the NFL's Green Bay that do? I just go scratching my head...

Well, for awhile there, the MLB had the Los Angeles Dodgers and the California Angels at the same time, in the same metropolitan area/vicinity. And they're doing just fine.