New Regina Stadium

Looks great!

Anybody else see the irony in who appears at the 37 second mark of the New Mosaic video - Bon Jovi - the guy involved with trying to bring the NFL to Toronto - lol

I was just about to post that.

How strange is that to have Jon Bon Jovi in a CFL/Riders promo clip. :?

The Riders and Bon Jovi have a deep history :wink:

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Needless to say, the novelty of the song wore off quickly...
Bring 'em out!

Very nice, not only does it give the Rider Nation a new home but a stadium that is up to date, and more pride to say where they are from.

Now only if other cities could use this stadium as a basis to make theirs...

It's obviously nice, but 2-tiers in the end zone is a mistake. 1 tier would be enough in the end zone, with those lost seats as sideline seats.

Looks like it is going to be a great stadium.
On the site did not mention if or how this stadium would be built with the ability to put a retractable roof at a later time. I thought that stadium ability was one of the key areas of the stadium design. It could still be, just never mentioned it.

My only issue or concern with all the new stadiums or renovations, is the following, Grey Cup Capacity.
We have seen 50-60k for Grey Cups. Even Regina, managed to bring in enough expanded seating the first time to get to the 50k mark. At one time, it was the minimum standard if you wanted to host the Grey Cup. I know the everyday capacity for the stadiums of 24k-30k is appropriate, but not designing stadiums that can be expanded to 50k, just seems like a downgrade for the CFL final.

What does everybody else think.

I think it's a beautiful design. Love the openness, and it is still roof ready, but I can't see them actually adding a roof later due to the cost. There was pricing mentioned for both a fixed or retractable roof. Love the translucent roof! Congratulations to the Province of Saskatchewan and the Roughriders for a job well done. Can't wait for my first road trip to Regina!!

Should put the link in the other thread as well.

A downgrade? I don't think so. It's about generating revenue and when you can put in 36 Private Suites, 1400 Club Seats plus the new Loge seats - you are probably generating revenue equivalent to 45,000 fans paying the CFL average ticket. Most of the new NFL stadiums are going the same way, reduced capacity but increased areas for the revenue generating suites, club seats, patios. Looks like there are a lot of fans that want to pay the big bucks to sit inside in comfortable seats or lounge around the patios.
Hamilton and Ottawa have designed smaller stadiums and increased the seating for the suites, clubs patios etc
Why design a stadium with 50,000 seats and 20,000 sit empty until a Grey Cup, not only is it a waste of money when they build it but it doesn't look good when you see them empty end zone seats.

From a quick view, looks super, Riders and the province so much deserve to have this, and nice that we have a variety of football first stadiums in the CFL, not all generic looking and the same. Now if we can get the Argos into a football first stadium that will complete the process nicely.

Here's a 3D fly through video

Looks great! The OCD in me is bothered by the one endzone, but I will enjoy going to the games in this new facility.

I'm surprised its not bigger, but it surely is a work of art!

Amazing looking stadium (IMHO much better than the cracked egg concept design put forward before). The stadium looks sharp and much bigger than it actually is. The cutaway partitioning of the seats will not only bring seats closer to the action, but make it loud as heck in there when coupled with the sharply designed roof. As was mentioned in the article this place appears to be comparable to anything in the NFL, and may very well take the title of best in the country. Great day in Rider Nation

I have to ask why the lower level's first row is so far from the field?

I still think IGF is better.
I guess we'll see when I visit the new Mosaic first hand.

Doesn't look that much different from what I see at IGF in Winnipeg. I think the eye plays tricks since the proposed image that we've seen has turf all the way to the walls maybe, and IGF has concrete. It's just a drawing, I don't think we'll know for sure until the final product is done and turf is down.

Toronto - DREAM! :wink:

What is the time frame for building this?