New Regina Stadium

Builder of Regina’s new stadium to be revealed tomorrow
The Leader-Post March 13, 2014

REGINA — The City of Regina’s preferred choice to build the new $278-million football stadium at Evraz Place will be revealed Friday at City Hall.

Brent Sjoberg, deputy city manager and project lead, will identify the preferred bidder before city councillors and Mayor Michael Fougere at the executive committee meeting.

In terms of funding the $278 million project, the city is investing $73.2 million and has borrowed $100 million from the province. As well, the province is providing the city with an $80-million grant and the Saskatchewan Roughriders are contributing $25 million.

Construction on the stadium is expected to begin this year and be completed by 2017.

At an executive committee meeting in May, three bidders were shortlist to design, build and provide partial interim financing for the 33,000-seat, open-air stadium:

Bouygues Construction Graham Community Partners
Bouygues Building Canada (construction)
Graham Design Builders (construction)
Stantec (prime consultant/executive architect)
NBBJ (design architect/interiors)
Buro Happold (design engineer)
Gracorp Capital Advisors (finance team lead)

Clark Builders/Turner Construction
Clark Builders (construction)
Turner Construction (construction)
360 Architecture Canada Inc. (design lead)
Arndt Tkalcic Bengert (architect of record)
Hochtief (finance team lead)

PCL Construction Management
PCL Construction Management (construction)
HKS (lead design and sports architect)
B&H Architects (architect of record)
TD Securities (finance team lead)

Tks to Migs at for headsup

The rumour mill is suggesting something along the lines of Red Bull Arena home to RB Leipzig. We shall soon see.


To be fair mustang, the Riders have consistently sold out Taylor Field for the last few years, vs the Ti-Cats who can't sellout playoff games only sometimes sellout the labour day classic.

And they are a community owned 'non-profit' team so it makes more sense they get more 'community money' (taxpayers money) for a stadium for their team compared to one being built primarily for a privately owned team.

It's not going to be built in time. You can tell. There arent any trucks there yet and nothing is going on. Trust me . My uncle's neighbour is in the construction industry.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :thup:

No surprise to me at all.

Saskatchewan is a "have" province, Ontario is a "have not". They have money, we don't. Saskatchewan sells out their games often, Hamilton rarely does, in a smaller stadium. Average attendance at Rider games is considerably higher than it is in Hamilton. Saskatchewan has province-wide support for the Riders, The Ticats don't.

Maybe some day we'll have a similar level of support. If that happens, maybe THF can be expanded. Until then, I'm just glad we are getting ANY new stadium and have a great owner who has stuck with things for almost a decade now, invested a lot, and is beginning to at least stabilize the club for long term viability. I'm not jealous of Sask or the Bombers for their new digs. It's a vision of where we might go one day.

Regina is the “Have” City in Saskatchewan
Hamilton is not the “Have” City in Ontario, Toronto is!
When Toronto wanted a Stadium, It was Hello Skydome!
Hamilton usually has to fight and scratch for every nickel they get from the Province!
Hamilton is unreal lucky to be getting what they are getting in THF.

Grover is exactly right. The $645,000,000 it took to build the SkyDome was Ontario taxpayers money.

The public money spent on Skydome was spent in the mid to late 1980s, when Ontario was very flush with cash. A much different era in the financial history of the province compared to now. No surprise that stadium was put in Toronto. It's the biggest metropolis in Ontario, in fact in the country. It was when it was built, and it is now. The stadium has had a major league team as anchor tenant since it was built. So yes, it got a lot more public money than Hamilton is getting for THF. It would be remarkable if it were otherwise.

I don't agree that Regina is the "have" city in Saskatchewan. My daughter lives in Saskatchewan, has lived in both cities over the last 10 years. Saskatoon is larger and faster growing than Regina. Saskatoon has a larger private sector and a larger university. Public amenities (museums etc) are about equal I'd say. Regina is mainly a government town. The new stadium (if it is actually built) will go in Regina for all kinds of reasons, one of which is inertia.

I agree, Hamilton is lucky to be getting THF. I hope fans fill it every game and then the pressure builds to expand it. First things first.

Hamilton was full of industries of all kinds when Ontario booming and flush with cash. Since free trade has come in the industry is gone and so is the cash. Makes you want to jump up and shout SOB. :cowboy:

Perhaps Hamiltonians might want to pay attention to a couple of elections coming up this year if they feel we always get the short end of the stick when it comes to money for infrastructure and developments. There will be a municipal election and likely a provincial one this year. Some of the provincial parties support investing in Hamilton (LRT) as part of overdue needed investment in Golden Horseshoe transit to help alleviate the gridlock that business groups are saying is costing Ontario's economy over $6 billion dollars a year. Should Hamilton get its fair share of that transit infrastructure funding? If you think we should to help spur proven LRT related transit oriented development, jobs and investment in Hamilton - then vote for one of the parties who supports that.

Likewise in the municipal election, vote for a mayor and councilors who demand we get are share of the provincial and federal Metrolinx funding to the benefit of future development, investment and job creation in Hamilton - instead of all those jobs and investment going to other places who know the benefit of rapid transit. The people of Hamilton by making the right choices can impact dramatically what investment we get for things that Toronto and area receive all the time.

PCL named city’s preferred choice to build new Regina stadium
The Leader-Post March 14, 2014

REGINA — PCL Construction Management has been chosen by the City of Regina as the preferred company that will build, design and provide interim financing for the new $278.2 million football stadium.

Brent Sjoberg, deputy city manager and stadium project lead, informed the city’s executive committee of the successful bidder this morning.

PCL was chosen over two other bidders: Bouyges Construction Graham Community Partners and Clark Builders/Turner Construction.

Construction is scheduled to begin this year and be finished in 2017.

The 33,000-seat, open-air stadium is to be funded through $73.2 million from the city, the $100 million the city borrowed from the province, $80 million from the provincial government and $25 million from the Saskatchewan Roughriders.


Thanks for pointing that out. I thought it was still pending final approval. Good for them. I hope it's built on time and is a great success.

The design looks Great, Congratulations to PCL Construction for winning the bid to build the new stadium in Regina for the Riders in 2017 and at half the cost of what us fortunate tax payers of Ontario paid to build the Skydome in Toronto for the Blue Jays and Argo's and of course the Argo's and their fans are still complaining, we want something better, something by the lake,
something more intimant for football, whatever???

I don't think the actual design has been made public yet - has it? The stadium in Germany posted earlier in this thread was just a rumour of a sample of what it might look like. Or did I miss something?

^That is correct. Just rumour, final design should be revealed in about eight weeks.

It went from a concept design

to a rumoured

What will the final outcome be?

That's a nice looking stadium; beautiful even. At 33,000 seats will they have the ability to expand and hit 40,000 to host a Grey Cup?