new Regina stadium

No news is good news? Latest 'news' on Regina Stadium. Sounds like it could be a new one you lucky Saskatchewan fans.

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Good luck Regina!

If only Halifax's city council at least listened to the idea...

Sounds very positive! Excellent!

Fingers crossed.
With the boom in the economy for the entire province, while you guys are at it and in the building mode, continue upwards to the Toon so they could get a stadium and a franchise.
If you build it, they will come.

Don't get too excited - this is the City stating their optimism about what the province is going to spend its money on. That's about the same as my kids picking out which truck they'd like our family to buy.


Some positive signs from the province:

Sask. premier says province aims to decide soon on future home for Roughriders

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[i]REGINA — The Saskatchewan government says something needs to be done with the aging Mosaic Stadium and a plan could be reached soon.

Premier Brad Wall says the province is looking to make a decision "some time this year" about the home of the Saskatchewan Roughriders football club.

The province has hired a group to review the options, including upgrading Mosaic, building a new outdoor facility or building a dome.

But Wall also said that a multi-use facility would be the better option.

The premier hinted that a decision needs to be made soon because the team's 100th anniversary is coming is up and there could be a Grey Cup bid.

Saskatchewan could make a bid to host the 2012 championship, but that's the 100th anniversary of the Grey Cup and expectations are that the game will be held in Toronto.

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Wow, what political will from a progressive politician and a leader to boot..
You guys out west are so lucky, all we have here in Toronto and Ontario is a bunch of crooked clowns. I know it's demeaning to clowns.

Although argotom in some ways things can be streamlined easier in a province like Saskatchewan that doesn't have as many large competing centres for centres of excellent sort of thing. It's basically Regina or Saskatoon in terms of location and not as many options to spend money on.
I've seen it in the line of work I do, Saskatchewan got a province wide deal done whereas here in Ontario much more difficult to do on what I'm speaking of, which wouldn't interest anyone here probably, the subject, but advantages to living in a province like Saskatchewan sometimes.

:thup: Maybe we should all move out west?

Once you move out West, you'll never want to go back. 8) 8)

Hey Sporty, if southern Ontario Ticats or Argos go caput and the CFL is going strong in western Canada, come 8 years when I retire if I can afford to I'm out of here so fast you won't believe it. The CFL is basically the only reason I still consider southern Ontario to still be part of Canada. And this is no joke at all. Ok, throw in a bit of CIS and junior hockey as well, fair enough.

Lakeshore lots are still going for $200,000 (for a 1 acre), but let me tell you Earl, nothing is nicer than clean fresh mountain air, ducks on the lake, deer in the vegetable garden… Only drawback, my South view is nice and Green with Spruce and Fir trees, My North view is totally brown with eaten Pine Beetle trees. Sigh, in another 20 years (If I live that long) My North view will be green again.

So now back onto topic.

A multi-purpose stadium is the way to go. Trade shows are very popular and help generate revenue. As funny as a dome stadium for Regina sounds, with a Dome, you can host major trade shows!

Wife just read your post and said when are we moving. Honestly. Well, I love the Ticats and grew up as an Argo fan in London, Ont. so as long as the CFL is around here, I'm ok. But if not, well, why not just annex southern Ontario into the States, really, especially if Toronto gets the NFL. It's lights out here then I say.

If they're serious about a dome, they just need to look at what Fargo did - a nice little venue, 27k or 28k seating....bump that up to about 35,000 and you'd be golden.

Yes a dome for sure.

Do Saskatchewanians really want to go indoors during the summer to watch a football game?

They definitely need to be able to take the lid off. They think they're in Vancouver or something? :lol:


Seems like the Premier disagrees:

Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall weighs in on stadium preferences

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By Angela Hall , Leader-Post
April 9, 2009 7:08 PM

[i]REGINA -- Premier Brad Wall says an indoor entertainment complex to replace the aging Mosaic Stadium has broader appeal than a football-focused open air stadium.

While a government-funded study is looking at all the options for the future of the facility, Wall said that whatever happens can’t just be about a home for the Roughriders.

“My own personal view on the stadium is that if they’re talking about a $100 million upgrade to Mosaic, we know that’s just principally about football,? said Wall at the legislature.

“The same would be true for a brand new outdoor stadium. Really that’s a football facility, and it really limits the other multiple use aspects of it. And so I think it’s reasonable that all the parties are looking at some innovative ways to consider this entertainment complex, an indoor one that would have other applications other than just football.?

Crown Investment Corporation (CIC), the holding company for the province’s Crown corporations, is funding an independent feasibility study for the government that began in December, at a cost of $60,000 to $70,000.

Wall insisted a stadium or entertainment complex for Regina is still not a high priority for the government due to other pressing infrastructure needs.

However, the provincial government may be able to help make a project happen down the road through “innovative partnerships,? without taking money from the general revenue fund, he said.

Wall pointed to the possibility of an arrangement with Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation, a CIC subsidiary that operates the Regina and Moose Jaw casinos.

But the NDP criticized the government for not being more open about its study of Mosaic Stadium options. Even as that work was getting underway late last year, the premier was indicating he didn’t have a high interest in getting involved in such a project, said Opposition MLA Kim Trew.

“I’m annoyed at the lack of openness and accountability by the Brad Wall government,? Trew said, adding the government had many opportunities to be proactive and reveal details about its study.

Wall said although there was no government announcement of the study, it wasn’t a secret and has previously been mentioned in the media.

There is no timeline for when the study will be handed over to government, Wall said. But he added he would like a decision to be made this year.

“I don’t want to give the impression that this is farther along than it is,? Wall said.

“It’s a very preliminary look at some options and it may or may not be possible but we’re trying to be innovative. We’re trying to say ‘Can we achieve something pretty special for our province and for the City of Regina without having those dollars compete with the priorities of our government which are health care, highways and other infrastructure.’?

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it would make all the Rider fans very happy! and the million ish people in Saskatchewan too! they'd have something to brag about!

finally they'd have a stadium better than Edmonton! :slight_smile: