New Referee Uniforms

NFL referee's have gone to a new look. I can take or leave their new sweaters, but I really don't like the pants they have been using on a trial basis in some games.

The pants are basically black with a white stripe up the sides. I Found them harder to pick out from the players. Maybe that's the idea to help them blend in? Personally I think they look to casual.

I think the uniform the CFL referee's are using look more professional.

I think they reconfigured the referee uniforms for cold weather. Those uniforms look like winter jackets with referee colours.

Those black pants are something else...

They are different.

I remember reading about them before the cold weather set in......horrible

I don't like the striping patterns on the new uni's but I do like the cold weather jackets that they wear. I think the CFL should use them as well. As for the pants, I'm not a big fan.

I think the uniform would look alright, if they didn't have that horrible white stripe up the leg ... it makes the refs stand out a bit too much. Even a thinner stripe would be bettter.

Do the new pants have an opening in the back so the ref's will be able to stick their heads in their arses? Gonna be damned inconvenient w/out one, ya know...