New Reebok Jerseys

Just plain ugly!! NUFF said! lol

[quote=“depopulationINC”]i think they look great from a distance as in
yes like on a division 0 college team playing at night with blacklights.

Having seen Ottawa's 3rd jersey , ours look great . Also can't hurt that they came out before Ottawa tries to make a run at signing Weston. I mean plaid who did rebbok have design these Don Cherry.

Just saw the game on TV... I don't like them.

Especially the fans in the crowd that look like glowing neon signs.... It is supposed to be a sea of green, not some glow in the dark mess from the 80's.....

I, for one, like them, and I like them even more the more I see them.

Think of them for what they are: a 3rd jersey. To only be worn once or twice per season. They aren't replacing anything.

They were meant to be bold. They were meant to be new. They were meant to be unique.

These are not meant to be retro. We've done the retro thing, over and over again. These are also not meant to replace the current jerseys. They're simply complimentary, and an attempt to appeal to a younger generation and push the envelope of what a jersey could look like. I like that they tried it out.