New Reebok Jerseys

Please tell me this is an early April Fools joke ... those things look like crap

Absolutely hideous. I couldn't be bothered to even consider purchasing one of those jerseys.

Yep, awful. Hopefully we never see them again after the one game.

I agree horrible. 18 months to make up this uniform, it's brutal.

I dont mind em for something way different

not a huge fan...but whateva

They're fucking gross. Burn 'em.

Green and White.... the Saskatchewan Roughriders uniforms are Green and white.
Sooo what's up with the black? :thdn: Where's the white?
Tradition my asp.

How much more disrespectful can it be. you're changing our team colors. I'm OK with the second green and I'm OK with the designs although I would rather not have them.

But to remove the white and replace it with black does not sit well with me at all.

Those helmets are something else though... with any luck they may have a hypnotizing effect on the opposition :stuck_out_tongue: . Watching those helmets on TV... heck the entire uniforms could be a little hard to take with the speed of the game...what were they thinking :roll:
Maybe I'll try some 3D glasses, I dunno.

I agree with the white comment. Just to keep to the roots. Maybe they could convert the grey numbers with wheat sheaves on it for plain white? But I am definitely no fashion designer that's for sure! I do think having the wheat sheaves on everything makes the outfit too busy... But that is Just my opinion. Maybe after these jerseys I am glad to be partially color blind! Lol

Hey Riders. The Oregon Ducks called. They want their uniforms back :stuck_out_tongue:

No! There is NOTHING worth saving in this kit. NOTHING! No changes, no tweaks, NO NO NO!!

Only thing to do with them is pile them all up in a heap, douse them in kerosene and fire a roman candle at 'em.

Seriously. Embarrassing. Not ONE person I know has said anything good about them. I hear, hideous, gross, embarrassing, terrible. The most positive comment that I've heard is 'WTF are the Riders wearing?"

Wheat helmet not working at all. They look like a watermelon. And the airbrushed bars fading from white down to lime are beyond tacky.

The lime green trim (ripped off from Seattle's old uniform) what's the deal with this? They need a later kickoff time so that they can absorb light in the first half and then glow in the dark in the second half. Puh-leease!

The numerals (ripped off of Seattle's current uniforms) look like they're from the planet Xanthrox and are very difficult to read. Combined with the double-green colors the team looks like invaders from a distant galaxy - and NOT in a good way.

Black pants just make the whole thing look like an undefined blob with streaks of neon on it.

And what pisses me off the most is how Reebok continues to treat the CFL like a minor league. For one, they would never experiment with ridiculous concepts like this on a NFL kit. But since its just the little CFL we can pat them on the head and send them out the door looking like fools. And point 2 - we went through all this in 2005 when Reebok basically tried to match up each CFL team with an NFL club to copy colors and elements from as if to say - there you go little fellas, now you look like your heroes, go run outside and play. To that I said "Fuck you!" besides, that already failed. Montreal stuck to their own design, Edmonton rejected the original that tried to change their colors, Winnipeg got changed to Rams colors, Hamilton gave up gold for yellow to look like the Steelers and Calgary copied half of the Atlanta Falcons. It failed so bad that they had to give up on most of those things (such as that awful shoulder piping and Hamilton refusing to be yellow). So now here comes this godawful abomination with Seahawk numbers and Seahawk lime green. They've learned nothing. Fuck you Reebok. FUCK YOU!!

EPIC EPIC FAIL! Whoever it is at Reebok who came up with these atrocities should be drawn and quartered.

And burn those duds. Right f'n now. I've never been more serious.

Do I take it your not thrilled by the new uniform prairiedog? Lol I agree they are a joke and I never want to see one again. Personally think they should have a recall on them because how bad it makes the team look.Have them destroyed and the designer should be made to wear it at a Rider game, marched out to center field and tell the crowd he's sorry. Looks like something from a grade 1 class project. This new concept is a complete and total fail.

i think they look great from a distance as in on the field...when I look to my left or right and see people in them...not so much up close


On tv though they look really really really bad. They are just way to busy and look like a couple of concepts just thrown together. I wouldn't give anyone a plug nickle to own one. Get the S back on the helmet and clean up the design. The two tone green just doesn't cut it in my books. We are the green and white not the green, lime green, blacks. Reebok should be dumped for thinking heck this is the Riders we can put any garbage out and their fans will eat it up. Being the team that sells the most merchandise in the CFL give them an uni that shows they are not some Halloween costume your 5 year old daughter came up with.

yes, a great distance, or....a really really far distance

I mean, comparative to a close-up view making me want to barf

I wonder what would happen if the team refused to wear them? Yes they have a contract or at least the CFL does as the supplier but if the Riders said NO not happening as the team that does sell the most merchandise in the CFL would they scrap them or would they just fine the Riders? If they fined the Riders I would put up collection boxes in the stadium and the Rider store to help pay the fines. Seriously I don't ever ever ever want to see these on the players or a fan for that matter ever again.

in fairness, green is not the easiest to work with. They stated that their fan base has a high percentage of females (they actually said there are more female Rider fans than male...idunno) and they were attempting to cater to that a bit. It may not be a smashing success, but keeping that in mind I guess one can appreciate where they were coming from with it. And lord knows they will still sell a million dollars worth of them.

So your saying it was designed by a 5 year old daughter. All good for the 5 year old females I guess but a serious football fan would probably go to the game buck naked painted in green and white then wear this vile piece of crap.

jeebus...I don't know how much clearer I can state that I don't like them...I am simply repeating what the club stated.

I personally think they are horrid. They look like they should be only used at night and that’s only if they replace the stadium lights with black lights.