new reebok good.

what's up with these new jerseys?

i would rather get jerseys that look like the old school traditional ones from the 60's or earlier. don't get me wrong, the new ones are pretty nice looking. but now the riders will look like an xfl or usa college team, or like three other cfl teams. the renegades, argos and bombers (yes the hated bombers) all have the same shoulder 'swoosh' as the new rider jersey. all three teams will look the same except for their colours.

i know this could mean a good deal of money for both the cfl and reebok, but what happens when the reebok contract ends? different jerseys? so much for tradition!

Well the new ones are pretty nice but i rather have the old jerseys

:) :):):):):)

I was very disappointed in the effort Reebok put into these jerseys. I would have thought that after a year there would have been a little more imagination. Of course I have already bought one, as one doesn't want to be out of style, but except for the colours, I could be one of four teams.

they're just NFL jerseys with different logos and colours

i like em

They're not terrible, I'm not complaining, they look kinda cool and they're supposed to be real comfortable and isn't that the main thing?

I like the new jerseys and the Riders look a lot better than the bright orange that BC has.

They are better than bc calgary and ottawa, however we look like half the league!

I also think Reebok could've make more of an effort to differentiate the look of each team.

oh give it up you guys, seriously theres no use of complaining, its not like the reebok guys are gunna all of a sudden change them , i mean whats wrong with them? the riders ones barely changed! so your gunna have to live with it cuz they will be wearing them all year

exactly. that is my point. but the worst fact is, the riders have the same jerseys as winnipeg!!!! what the heck! to me it seems stupid to have the same jerseys as your most hated rival. weird. i guess reebok had monkeys pulling names out of a hat. or just maybe reebok doesnt know jack about the tradition and history of the cfl.