New Receiver Possibilities

June Jones has said that we are only dressing 2 qb’s to save money for a new receiver:

Has anyone heard any names?

I can think of a few:

Terrel Sinkfield
Inman ( ex argo )
Bkari Grant

Anyone else here of any names?

Certainly wont be the flying Hawaiin - he’s grounded due to a flat tire!

I’m hoping its Sinkfield. He would not be cheap.

wonder if Carter from The Argos wishes he signed in Hamilton?
SJ Green in a trade?? although I can’t remember too many Hamilton-Toronto trades.

Everyone is still in the playoff race except Argos and Als so not a big market of sellers.

He got released today

Haven’t read Kevin Elliot or Bakari Grant today.

Keep hearing Fantuz, then annoying static, then Kevin Elliot, then a faint Bakari Grant.

We dither as our likely Grey Cup foes, also decimated with WR injuries, sign Chris Matthews.

Calgary signed Mathews today

And sleep.

We've lost Saunders. (And Williams, who wasn't here most of the season).

They've lost Kamar Jordan, Eric Rogers, DaVaris Daniels, Reggie Begelton, and Juwan Brescacin left last game.

Can we stop pretending that Banks, Toliver, Jones, Tasker isn't enough to win?

Even with Saunders added to that mix it wasn’t enough to win half the time.

Most of the work falls to Banks and Tasker. Toliver hasn’t performed anywhere near his 2016 output and likely will not with his recent concussion symptoms. Jones is slowly emerging but is not exactly the next Sinopoli. The other stiffs that June throws in as the 5th receiver are not even adequate decoys.

The Cats absolutely need to sign one more possession receiver and another burner like Sinkfield.

Last I saw, Sinkfield was a DB, he gave up on receiver 2 years ago.
Maybe he doesn’t want to be a receiver.

We’ll then sign him as a DB. At least we’ll get more picks. ;D

With the right money he will do anything. He’s out of work right now.

You forgot Chambers. I guess with Jones playing as well as he has, people clothed that he wasn’t supposed to start this year.

But yes, it does appear that the Stamps have had more injuries at receiver than us.

Not a lot of chatter about McDaniel. Wonder if he’s just not good enough to start and being kept at PR salary as disaster insurance. Hard to fathom no real news about him.

Anyone keeping up on who could be back in the lineup in time for the playoffs?
Given that we are (statistically) playoff bound already, maybe Jones is wise to operate on the cheap for another month.

I think Saunders, Williams and Chambers are all out for the season.

Any word on Sinkfield, Elliott?