NEW RECEIVER /KR ...Michael Hyman

…according to cjob a guy with some speed and can return kicks…Michael Hyman…an argo cut …We keep looking and they keep coming to town…‘maybe’ one of these guys will fill the bill… :roll: …also on OB…Fritz is in for Bates…Donnely in for Khan as Obie has come up lame… :?

…forgot to add…Hyman is an ni…and was at practice today…

Hopefully we'll see what he's got.

Two caveats however:

  1. If the Argos of all teams released him, what does that say?

  2. Last returner Kelly brought in, Thorpe, he won't allow to return kicks; will he allow this guy to?

Trying to be respectful here, but a Canadian Argo cut is the new KR hope in Winnipeg? I'm sorry, but this is just a dumb move.

Kelly really should have just gave Ramonce Taylor a shot instead of chopping him.

Hey, if Argos cut him there is a very good chance he is good! They have no idea what they are doing over at Argoland. I expect KC and the sunshine band will be arriving in Toronto within a couple to 3 weeks.

KR/WR and NI, sounds like they really want to get Reid & Bernard in the backfield at the same time.

This means Obie is hurt? Cause he was probably our best lineman last game, although with Kelly nothing would surprise me.

i think your right pigseye. sounds like a ratio move to me... they are probably just hoping this guy will be a decent returner so that they can scratch an import on the offense. although i do see this as a longshot... hadnt heard of the guy til now and an argo castoff yett.... i dont know.

i hope thorpe gets a chance to return once he;s healthy and with the nfl cuts coming up im sure there will be some kr/wr talent available... which are probably better options.

...TRYING...not to let the air out of your balloon .....Robinson was just cut by the boatmen and was promptly signed by Miami yesterday........hmmmmmmm.They also dealt Bruce for a song.....Now ask ya think the argos 'might' make a mistake in letting go good receivers....... :lol: :lol:

Papa has a point there :wink:
Thanks again Andrus, Bruce is really shaping up around here :slight_smile:
9 catches for 78 yards against Edmonton, not bad for his first real start in the Hammer and under terrible weather conditions.

The usual: that the Argos have no idea how to assess talent. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: