New Receiver: Cam Echols-Luper

As noted on Instagram , the Tiger Cats have signed receiver Cam Echols- Luper to a contract. I believe he signed previously and let go.

He is a pretty good REC, hasn’t been announced by the team yet

6 foot 190 lbs and fast
He was rated 7th of 25 fastest NCAA REC’s in 2017 :o

CAM ECHOLS-LUPER?Verified account
Dec 25
stood stall through it all, all 10 toes down !
Thank you Hamilton Tiger-cats for this opportunity ! Best present to unravel is a contract to say the least !

Too tall.

Was on the TiCats’ PR for the full month of August '18.

Cats must see something in him that they like if they invited him back. He’ll have a bit of a head start over new recruits at training camp.

The Echols-Luper signing is confirmed on the league transactions listing - Jan. 3/19.
And, that listing on has a new format for the new year:

Looks like another nice receiver option for the Cats.

Following the signing of Echols-Luper, the TiCats have inked 3 more players:

LT Kevin Palmer who finished '18 as the starter at that position.

INT DB Robert Porter Jr., who played at Jackson State, was active for 5 games with WPG in ‘17, and was on, off, and back on the Cats’ PR during the latter half of last season.

INT LB Chris Frey, quite a character, whose nickname was “The Psycho” at Michigan State. Undrafted by the NFL, he was signed last spring by Carolina.


Thanks for posting ottawacat.

Great to see some signings finally!
Palmer is a key signing

Chris Frey Jr?Verified account
Excited to announce I have signed a contract with the @Ticats! Can’t wait to get back on the field and play some football!

8:53 AM - 8 Jan 2019

Chris Frey seems like quite the beast. Very impressive play at MSU. He played SAM there and could be a great depth signing if one of our LBs goes down.

Love the Palmer signing! Looks like they’re addressing the shortages and building the team nicely.