New RB vs Joe Smith?

The Leos signed a new RB today...what does that mean for Joe Smith?

...competition I guess....

Probably nothing. Not to diminish Ciezki's UBC numbers but Mark Nohra, and going further back, Glenn Steele's college accomplishments were equally impressive and they never turned into dominant pro players. Canadian running backs rarely become feature CFL backs. Remember, the Lions still have Canadian A.Bwenge, also highly touted, on the depth chart.

They always sign players and bring them into training camp to compete or “Push” the veteran.

Competetion at training camp is always good!

He's got his work cut out for him if he hopes to take Smith's spot. Heck , he'll even have his work cut out for him just to make the roster with Nohra , Bwenge and Lyle Green to beat out.

Wally just might keep him around like he did with Josh Boden.

It means Smith has someone to to briefly meet before he(Ceziki) or whatever his name is, is sent on his special teams asignment and then on to obscurity.