New RB signed

Well as some may already know. Tillman just recently signed a brand new RB and brother of a current player. Kahim Hill was signed today. So it looks like it shall be an interesting training camp. See which backs are ready to take over for KK. Competition never hurt anyone!

Quoted from
"Hill had a stellar career at Arizona State where he compiled 1,288 yards and 15 touchdowns in three seasons. In his final year, Hill led the team with 596 rushing yards and five touchdowns on 122 carries."

Lets hope he gets into the country.

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It might be real tough

"We tried to bring him back for this past season,
said Greg Mohns, the Argonauts' assistant
general manager and director of player personnel.

"They red-flagged him and said he was a high risk.
We hired a service to help us with it. We appealed
to the immigration board. It was turned down.
We appealed the decision and it was turned down
a second time. That's why he was not with us."

Hill has an abundance talent and could be a CFL star .I am more worried about him surviving the scrutiny of the Hypersensitive Rider Priders than him surviving TC.The positives are him wanting to sign with Austin, having a brother on the team ,and his bouts of attitude are booze induced and not a 24/7 thing as the case with past players.....GO RIDERS

any rb behind our o line will be a stare in this league. so weather we should take the risk of getting a nother runing back like kk the great. should be the question. but i think now that edmonton released td we should be looking to sign him, maaybe. sinse he has stated he would like to come back to saskatchewan. and honestly bracey didnt look that bad last year hes working into the fold nicely..
only to be seen in green... LETS GO RIDERS!

Troy Davis was in Sask? when? His brother Darren was, but i don't think Troy ever was.

why would they sighn him his stats aint great at all i would pursue troy davis or bring darren back

Darren is done with football... As far as I know dude has been out for 4 years now... Troy prolli still has game.

so much for that idea Kahim got dropped for his off field crap. tillman it may be time to explore a trade option

There might be a running back trade coming up; Troy Davis is available as F/A, but Edmonton still has one too many (McLendon, Ranek, Warren) as does Montreal (Edwards, Payton, Childs).

Why can't we just stick with Bracy Dorsy, its a good one two punch and i thought Shamar fit well in our system last year.


We likely will go with Bracey and Dorsey, plus a couple of other guys in camp.
Edmonton can have their backs. We don't want any of them.

I wouldn't mind mcklendon... but honestly, outa the backs, i wanna see bracy take the load... hes a HUGE back, and getting him / KJ to run the option with a possible fantuz/murphy as a sure-handed grab would probably work very well...

sorry but im not really a D.Dosey fan, he droped one to many kick / punt returns for my liking last year.. ( although he can have flashes of greatness )