New Rb? Need ur opinions

Do you think Eric Tillman should trade kenton for a veteran wr or something and Sign a new young running back.

We definitely don't need another receiver, as we have like 14 on our roster already... maybe trade Kenton for another good running back (being that he may not be back this year... but probably will be)

well they just signed hakim hill, i think he is a very good back, and he could be the starter

another suggestion tho(i posted this in another forum) is ron mcclendon, they have ranek and warren, we should trade them for mcclendon, he is a very good back in my opinion

sure we have bracey and dorsey but i don't think that they are capable, we won't need an amazing back with all the recievers we have that are so great so i think we would be in a very good position with hill and mcclendon

We should keep KK as I do not think that he will stick in Indy. And to have him come back playing for the empire, I do not think I could stand that. If we do make a trade, then it would have to be to the east so that he can burn us only 2 times a yr.

I may be crazy but i thought Bracey and Dorsey were looking capable last year.

I also was thinking trade Kenton Midseason Right when he was doing Real Good last season.

Of course now having said that i will prove myself ignorant by not knowing who or what to trade for.

Maybe, Somebody from Toronto. Levingston but maybe better if possible i am not coach, so i really dont know.