New RB Montel-Harris looks good

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I recall seeing articles about Harris late last season as he was approaching various records. Also saw highlights on ESPN College Game Day.

STRENGTHS Productive, solidly-built back with enough power and quickness to succeed as a reliable back-up runner. Displays some lateral agility and a stiff arm to avoid tacklers in the hole or sidestep to either side of his lead blocker. Also possesses enough acceleration to get into openings to consistently move the chains. Works through trash with churning legs, regularly runs by arm tackles and falls forward for additional yards after contact. Flashes as a receiver out of the backfield, reliable on swing passes and coming over the middle to test linebackers in space.
WEAKNESSES One-speed back without the open-field burst to be a breakaway threat or the quickness to turn the corner if the inside hole is filled. Also lacks great lower body strength to power inside. Lacks elite elusiveness to avoid better tacklers, will lose his balance when cutting between the tackles or outside. Cutback ability and vision are only adequate. Had leg injuries throughout the end of his career at Boston College, also transferred from there for repeated violations of team rules. Not physical in pass protection, resorts to cut blocks and gives a cursory shoulder effort chipping.
BOTTOM LINE Harris set the Boston College record for rushing yards in just over three seasons (3,735 yards, also scoring 27 touchdowns), but injuries limited him to two games in 2011 and repeated violations of team rules caused his dismissal from the program in May 2012. He transferred to Temple over the summer, where he found success. He could potentially work in the back end of a committee in the NFL.

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Also check out some video on Lindsey Lamar #39 this guy is fast with very good moves, is a very good kick returner and receiver. he will do battle with Montel. Should be interesting.

He's cut too.

Boy guys get cut so quiclkly around this place ? What did they have 3 practics .
These guys are both very highly touted from great schools !! I don't get it .

They seems to only cut the good guys :slight_smile: Maybe they will sign Chick and cut him a weeek later ..that is the way things are going on around this place...

There are going to be a lot more cuts in a very short time period. There is a full team of guys at rookie camp. Numbers are way too high for main camp. Lots of these guys are going to go. There is stiff competition at all positions. I’ve been 2 days now and I would hate to be the guy who decides who gets cut. Tough job.

Some of the standouts I noticed were

Courtney Stephen

Dline looked good. Of course it’s rookies vs rookies so we’ll see once the vets come in, but expect a LOT of cuts.

2 of the 3 kickers there were crazy good.

yeah I am not suprise those first 3 are looking good .

Which Moore is that you are speaking of ? Terrence Moore ? Is he not part of the veteran camp ?


Might yoube referring to someone else .

So the guys i am planning to keep my eyes on are :


McCollough, Evan - Is the veteran back to lead teh backfield ?
Williams, Shomari - Van he provide enough Pass Rush to start at DE ? or back to MLB or LB
DAvis, Torrey - I she our run stuffer Nose tackle Type
Moore, Terrence- Is the guy with Mcintyre type motor to provide pass rush in the middle
Peach, Greg - Can he provide Pass Rush and contain
Boudreaux, Brandon - Can he take the next step
Giguere, Samuel - can he bounce back and get more involved and meet expectations
Jones, Onrea - can he take the next step and seize the Chris Williams absent opportunity
Patrick, James - Does he still have what he had when he was an all star and had all those intercetions
Lawrence, Simoni - He is he big enough for MLB
Colclough, Ricardo - can he play HB or SAM
Knowlton, Markeith - Is he healthy and still ready to show he is the MVP
Johnnson, Jamall - is he healthy and aggressive and redy to show he’s still go game and can keep his spot
Walker, Chevon - is he redy to take the next step and run inside
Hinds, Ryan - can he take advanatge on an new opportunity after a lack of opportunity year with Cortez
Bulcke, Brian - is this guy worthy of starting DT
Greg Wojt - Where will he firt in …Tackle or Guard . Will we go with 4 non imports on OLINE ? doubt it

Rookies and QBS

Masoli, Jeremiah - GUY LOOKS GOOD ON TAPE
Brohm, Brian - HGH DFRAT PICK lots of recrds
LeFevour, Dan - great stats in college looked good when he played
Stephen, Courtney - hearing good things and have always heard good things
Parks, Terrance - good school and stats
Singletary, Matt - is he like is daddy …hope so
Gable, C.J. - What type of back is he
Lynn, D’Anton - penn state guy with good stats
Robinson, Donovan - can he rush the passer
Figueroa, Joel - canhe take an tackle spot
Marshall, Craig - heard he can rush the passer …looks good on tape
Dile, Marc - can he fend of guys for tackle spot
Simmons, Brian - can he fend of guys for tackle spot
Gonzales, David -can he fend of guys for tackle spot
OBiora, Eze - ok this guy is an ex RUGBY GUY
Leong Jr., Lyle - traded for Mcleveen

I see this has turned into a multiple player thread but the title still has Harris' name in it so I wanted to mention he was released:

It was mentioned a few posts above.