New Ratio rules for 2023

2023 is suppose to bring in new ratio rules that was signed on in the latest CFL/CFLPA agreement. I may need help in understanding how it's going to work. My understanding is this: the so called National starting number goes to eight but one of them will be a Nationalized Americans who has three years with that club or four years in the CFL. Not much change there IMO except makes teams keep a few older players around to fill that number eight position. But there is an added kicker rule that says (if I understand it correctly) that teams can have 2 or 3 American replace a National for part of a game as long as they don't play more than 49 snaps or plays from scrimmage. Who's going to keep track of that? One way it could work for the Argos is if Harris at RB is counted as one of the starting Nationals and alternates with Oullette, which is pretty well what they did this past year when Harris was playing. So to me 3 or 4 of the "designated Imports" would have to be players capable of playing a starting position instead of being a special teamer. Like an offensive lineman who could play up to 49 plays from scrimmage replacing a National. Or an extra DB who alternates with a starting National, say at the safety position. Does this make any sense? Or am I not understanding things correctly.

I think you got it, except it should read 49% of plays (which I think is what you meant anyways) rather than 49 plays. Oh, and I believe it's the Nationalized Americans that can replace a Canadian starter for 49% of the plays. I believe there will be 2 allowed in 2023 and 3 in 2024.

I'm not a fan of further eroding the Canadian content in the league. No STs for me till that ratio is bumped up again.



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I read 50% but it doesn’t really matter lol.

Also, I understand the need to have a partial boycott, especially after your years of loyal fandom. Just be aware of unintended consequences. The CFL, much like every other entity in the world hesitates to accept responsibility and enjoys making knee-jerk reactions.

Just before the late depression, Canadians were low on cash and weren’t spending money on going to CFL games as much. The unintended consequence was the legalization of the forward pass.

During the 90’s fan attendance went down again. This lead to USA expansion.

TV ratings/attendance started to decline but the CFL did not blame themselves. They didn’t fix game flow/poor play etc. They tried to make a deal with the NFL network which involved changing the timing of the season. Ultimately those plans fell through obviously.

Everyone here knows what happened with the pandemic and XFL talks.

The conclusion that I have come to (and hopefully I’m wrong) is that if CFL fans decide not to support the league and they can’t get new fans to support it, the league will not blame itself or the decisions it has made. In my opinion, the more revenue erodes, the more the CFL will become Americanized. There is a possibility that one day, you will not enjoy the CFL at all.

I don’t always agree with what you say but I wouldn’t want to lose your input/insight either.


They already had someone keeping track of it as it relates to bonuses in contracts. For example Cody Fajardo could have a bonus in his contract that says he gets paid x amount of dollars if he plays x amount of snaps in a game. Some say that’s the reason Cody was benched the last couple of games

I made it very clear to my Argos ticket rep as to why I'm not renewing for 2023. I'll still follow the team and league, of course, but a little less intensely than before. On the flip side, I've been getting more into USports and CJFL of late and will likely divert my Argos ST money into the grassroots levels in some way (haven't decided yet).


Yes I should have said 49%. I actually read somewhere it is 49.5%. How does .5% work. lol But I was wondering how the Argos might use this rule. They have re-signed two veteran American tackles which kind of surprised me at first. But both can and have played left tackle fairly well IMO. Blake has said he wants to continue playing next year and played quite well at left tackle once everything got settled. The starting group of Blake-Hunter-Nicastro-Bladek-Allen would look good for me. But good Left Tackles are hard to find and especially with the new Leagues starting and Blake is 36. So what better solution than to have a couple of veteran American around who could play 49% of the time at LT and still be grouped in the 8 starting Nationals. (Well kind of). The same senario could work with Harris and Ouellette. Or Metchie and Richardson. Would mean a couple of Nationals would have to step up on special teams to allow players like Cage to dress as backups. Just a thought how this thing is going to work. Starting calibre Canadians are hard to find and especially backups. This IMO addresses that problem some what. Especially with the NFL grabbing all the top Canadians now. We'll see how it goes.


Depends on your depth. 16 teams full of Americans going into spring leagues. Some teams won't have to use the new rules at all. If they do use the rules they could either do a Canadian on 1st down, American on 2nd or just play normally until the fourth quarter. Others will use it to cover for injuries.

The CFL has been very quiet about the new ratio rules as far as I can tell. Nobody seems to be talking about which veteran American players could be used as a National. Will teams have to name one player at the start of the season, or could different eligible players be used game to game depending on an injury etc. I was thinking there would be a lot of interest on this, but apparently not.

I'm thinking that they are keeping it quiet because touching the ratio is a touchy subject. I have to think it'll be different eligible players to keep people guessing. I also wouldn't be surprised if we get more details closer to June.

That would make more sense, to early to designate someone before free agency is over at least.

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