New Radio Announcer Suggestion (Play by Play)

i'd like to see hogie call the games he would make the perfect fit.

Mike Hogan!!!!

I'd say Rick Zamperin. He did all the post game interviews and such for the past couple seasons. He's also the guy that does the news updates in the mornings on Y108. He's got a good, clear voice and an in-depth understanding of football and the Ti-Cats.

I'm starting the anybody but ted bout joe bowen(holy mackinaw)lol.
seriously mike hogan has the play by play experience and the knowledge and passion for the game. he's the only choice...

agreed, anyone but ted. Remember the vote on him in a post here for the fifth quarter? mikey and teds family for, the rest of the world against him? please, we already have to listen to this amateurish kiss up artist on the fifth quarter, dont subject us to him on play by play also. His football knowledge is basically zero and he could never pull it off, there has to be someone else, anyone at all but not ted is my vote.

Here Here!! Well said REEB.

Plugging in a scarcely qualified person (at play by play)in another unexpected job vacancy just seems like another just-make-do approach that gives off an amateur night image the team has been suffering from for years.
If possible go out and get Mike Hogan. Experienced, connected, and well informed on CIS, CFL and NFL.A pro.

Remember the vote on him in a post here for the fifth quarter? mikey and teds family for, the rest of the world against him?
Difference being that Ted paid me $20 for my vote.....his family had to vote for free. :wink:

20$?, that's it? How much did Boreham cough up all that time? :wink:

Chuck Swirski

Oh god no. Personally, I can't stand Bubba.

Hey I would love to do it!! I dj'ed the hospitality room in winnepeg, I was ranger danger Dan on Y108 I love the ticats and have football knowledge....I like Mike bout Dave Sauve or Ozzy....???

How about Mikey? I cant think of anybody that knows more about football than him. noone has a closer personal relationship with everyone on the ticat staff than him. it would be the most positive broadcast ever. nothing critical,nothing negative.there would be no problem getting players or coaches giving interviews cause Mikey is close friends with all of would be the Tim Hortons play by play.

Thanks Figment;

You must know I like cash-flow so keep the endorsements going out there for all to read....I'll do any job in this entire is good, broke is bad......I try to avoid the latter as much as possible... :lol:

Serious, I wonder what Mr. Mitchell's short list looks like. Play-by-play has got to be a tough thing to do...I don't think I'd ever have what it takes. :frowning:

I beg to differ again, Mikey. I think you should consider going into radio, although, with your handsome face and frame, you could also consider television.
Is today April 1st?

No offense to Mikey, but I would opt for a Perc Allen/CHML play-by-play loop say circa 1972, if one still exists... :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Don Cherry Grapes ... Let see how do with Football or Ken Welch From CH TV???

I dont know much about him but the guy that does the leafs on the radio is pretty good. Dennis Beyak is his name, so long as he isnt an argo fan he has a good radio voice and describes the play pretty well. No idea if he knows anything about football but maybe.

Ken Peters

Die-hard Argo fan ... don't let him near the stadium!