New Radio Announcer Suggestion (Play by Play)

Why not Ted Michaels??

Works for me! .. highly respected around the league, knowledgeable, experienced, close to the team, etc... etc....

He would be G R E A T !! (IMHO)

Bob Bratina Please ...

Bob Bratina is old and monotone. Good for the news or even maybe an old-timers morning show not so much a football broadcast. He'd be more suited for covering a passive game like baseball.

I didn't so much enjoy Tim's call either. He got better this past year.

I would prefer a young, articulate voice who accurately depicts the action and conveys the excitement of the game without so much as annoying the listener.


Ron Lancastor? :slight_smile:

"bubba" O'neil.. :thup:

My choice would be Ted Michaels, but you have to think that Lancaster will get the job. It would be a great way for Lancaster to contribute to the team without making critical decisions for the team: exactly what the Ticat organization is paying him to do.

:? Not Ted , Ron or Bob please !

Why not Mike Hogan. Has CFL experience.

Mike Works for the Fan
so I don't Think He can.

hogan is good .he does cis games. NO TED.. please!!!!

If Ted Michaels is on the short list, the decision makers should get the tape of Ted doing the "play-by-play" for both the Vanier Cup in '05 and the McMaster playoff game in '06.....

.....both were excellent examples of how good he is at doing this.....and Ted works extremely well with John Salavantis in my opinion....

.....Ted would be the natural successor is the way I think.....but again, it's just my ever so humble opinion... :slight_smile:

Hogie has PAID his dues.
I just could not listen to him during a Cats Argo game.

How about Mark Hebsher?
One of the best sports guys, he would be GREAT!!!

Hogie - Yes if we can brainwash him become a Cats fan.

Michaels - Maybe, he has a good voice and has been associated with the Cats for years.

Hebsher - Not! Rewind back to the Leafs play by play on Q-107 a few years back.

I'm on side with Ted Michaels. He has a good voice. He's articulate and he knows the game.


Bob could be good with Sal or Ron. And it is not just us old foggies, Bob had a great voice for play by play, he knows the teams history and is a natural choice.

I’d be okay with Hogie too!!!

If not…Virk did a nice job last year as well in place of Tim.

No Bob…no Ted ( I love Ted…but I think he’s better at other things CFL)…

While we’re at it…let’s clean house…bye bye Jason Farr as well.

An article in today's edition of The Hamilton Spectator reports that Ticat president Scott Mitchell has five or six candidates in mind to replace Tim Micallef and that he hopes to hire a replacement in April, 2007.

I also agree that Jason Farr should be replaced.

My biggest criticism of Farr is that he often says absolutely nothing, explanation-wise, after a critical penalty is assessed, leaving fans (who may not have actually seen the penalty when it originally happened, or on the TigerVision) completely in the dark. In short, Farr either has terrible "spotters" or assistants, or he just does not have the basic football knowledge base required to enlighten fans like he should.

What about that guy who did the Cats on Cable in Grimsby last summer? He seemed to do a good job there. He came across as knowing the CFL and you could tell he did his homework on the players he had on the show that night. I know he used to have his own TV show at one point but it wasn't sports related. Scott Mitchell said he had a list of 5 or 6 people in mind. I think this guy should be added to the list as well. I don't remember his name but I am sure the team could track him down.