new quarterback?and oc?

the team played good the entire season except for the inconsistent qbs. the running game could have been utalized a bit better, with keith running around the defensive line. and why the hell was moore a backup, other than thurmon and dominguez he was our best reciever by far. if jason french wants to stay with us he had better learn how to hold on to the ball. mccalla is slow and fat. he needs to join weight watchers and come back next year. is there any other changes to the team that are necessary?


name thigns Shivers has done that he needs to be replaced, back up ur points buddy,

Don't need to back them up, really, but the reason I don't like him, and never have liked him, is that his mouth is too big and he doesn't know when to shut up. Plus, he has seemed to have created an "us-against-them" bad-ass mentality in this team that I don't like.

.....and I'm not a "buddy".....

get off the band wagon then. if you want to be friends with other teams join the cheerleading squad.

What bandwagon? I've been a Rider fan since I can remember.....I just happen to have an objective view. I don't like Shivers, and I never have. I don't like his attitude. I don't like his arrogance. I don't like the way he runs a team. Period. Does that mean I'll stop cheering for the Riders if he's there next year? No, but I won't stop thinking he has to go unless he does a complete turnaround.

hmmmmmmmmmm his a reason 9-9 seasons back to back.........the best season we have ever had under Shrivers is 11-7 season.............hardly earth shattering....................I want better then to be an average team..........and I'm not a wagon jumper..........I will always stay on the wagon..........just don't like the guy holding the reins is all

ur a sissy

Can you explain? To whom are you referring, and why?

Woooooo. back up. McCalla, is one of the best CB in the league. You try covering Cahoon. you would get beat once or twice to. As would everyone in the league. He wasn't the reason we lost, In fact he was one of the reasons we even had a playoof game.

Get rid of Greene, Keep Crandell, and hopefully find someone better who Marcus can backup. Get rid of Bellefuile. Bring in a big play reciever. Yes I know we have Dominguez, but we need someone else along with him. And Thurman French and co just aren't it.

im not trying to diss u guys, im just interested in what people think about shivers now, cuz ive never thought he was doing that bad a job, bringing in guys like keith, holmes, dominguez

He finds players with talent, all right, but they don't come through in the clutch. He'd make a great talent scout, but I think he makes a crappy GM.....

Not Shivers fault guys like Perry make bonehead plays like taking stupid roughing the passer penalties, that intercept that Cranell threw was brutal, and guys give up the ball like it's a hand grenade.

.......ridersalltheway, when one asks a question it is customary to expect an answer........if it is not the answer you expected to receive it doesn't mean you have to immediately jump down that person's throat........sit back and think about a person's response before following up with them, you might learn something along the way.......and at the end of the discussion if you can't see the others p.o.v. at the very least be fricking civil about it, nobody likes a grump..........

ok my bad .

I think if Shivers was to retire this offseason, and have Barrett take over as GM that might work. Players seem to like playing for Barrett, or so I've read, but I do think we need a coach who is less of a friend and more of a boss type guy. Obviously we need a new O.C. as we have to be the most un-imaginative offence in recent history, and having a QB that we can win because of, not in spite of would be nice. I guess maybe a receiver or two that catches balls thrown at them would help as well.

With Shivers as a GM, Riders haven't had a home playoff game, a .500 record is as good as it gets, he alienates Burris last year and decides to keep Greene, bad handling of the Smith situation, the lack of ability to find a quality receiver to replace Dominguez and his big mouth that should be stapled shut are just a few reasons that he should be gone.

I believe Barrett is a good coach and shouldn't be fired because of Shivers.