New QB's?

So I’m originally from B.C. and am a huge Lions fan, however I know live in Edmonton and follow the prairie teams as well, and I was wondering who else here thinks that, now that Jonathon Jennings has left the organization, and it looks like Lulay may go as well; how hard do you think B.C. will pursue Mike Reilly in the off season? Assuming that he actually leaves the Eskimos, of course. Adding Reilly would almost certainly spell playoffs next year with his accurate deep passing skills, and he is an excellent runner to boot.

So much talk about Reilly to the Lions seems like a done deal already. No tampering there.

Anyone know the plan for the Lions if Reilly stays in Edmonton?

Lulay and Fajardo carries a bit of risk but it is a start. Ricky Lloyd is still unproven.

Quite the peanut scramble shaping up for qb’s across the league.

I think Mike Reilly will either be an eskimo or a Lion for next year and its a tossup.

Sounds like Reilly has chosen the Lions so just awaiting the official announcement. Good for the Lions and good for the league to improve the lions. Look forward to more 60000 seat sellouts at BC place. Hopefully the report that the Lions will try to sign Duron Carter isnt true, the guy is not a team player and has been poison in the locker room wherever hes been. Bring in new receivers to go along with Posey and Burnham and Marquess Wilson looks promising. Sad but the hit to the salary cap to get Reilly probably means that Arssenault and Eliminian are probably we will probably see lots of rookies on our D

Would love to see the Lions find a way to keep Manny in the lineup with Burnham and Carter. Still rehabbing I am told so likely not a high priority and a potent attack in the making with or without.

Likely got DC cheap but value will be there imo. Great day for the Lions. Seems likely to sell some tickets.

Reilly and DC in BC…those two alone are worth the price of admission.

If this does not pump up the attendance at Lions games I don’t know what will.

See you at BC Place.