The Montreal Alouettes are a disrespectful organization. We had good QB's on our roster and there were excellent backups available in the cfl. They went to get Troy Smith and handed him the no:1 job. I want him gone. I don't want to see him anymore. He can't throw and I don't want anymore excuses from him, the tsn analysts, whoever. Josh Neiswander got stepped over. Porter got stepped over. Has anybody seen the Josh and Duron Carter long ball connection? WTF is wrong with management and coaching staff on this team? That game was broadcast nationwide and in the US and it was embarrasing to see Smith miss a wide open reciever 10 yards away, and then he continued to miss, and miss, and miss, and miss, and miss, and miss, and miss, and miss. Tom Higgins left him all the way. At about 1/2 time, I knew this game was a sacrifice to get Smith playing time. Well FU! We want to win, not babysit.

Its one game. A very bad one but it is still only one game.

Glad you're not over reacting...

Time will tell whether this game was representative of what to expect from Smith, but if the "good quarterbacks" to whom you refer were Neiswander and Porter, apparently nobody agreed with you as they are "free agents".

He didn't look any better in preseason. At this point, we have no proof of concept that he is a CFL-caliber quarterback...

This stand still and wait and see approach is getting on my nerves. That game was the worst i've seen in a long time. A receiver drops the ball three times in a quarter, the backup should go in. A QB misses his wide open target five times, he sits on the bench. I seen the coach do nothing to try to win the game. Three horrible hours. When Neiswander had a horrible start, Popp went right away to Marsh. Who threw that excellent NFL type pass for a TD? I think it was Brink in the preseason. We have the talent, but politics, management and the HC are losing it for us. I say politics because I can't understand how Smith is the no:1 QB.

No we don't but there is no alternative.

Sad but true. We dug this massive grave for ourselves.

I think its just an extension of how the 2013 season ended. I would give him six games and see where he's at. At the very least they should give him 3 or 4 games. Throwing Marsh in there yesterday with hardly any reps since he got injured will just destroy him. After six games if Smith can't show anything. You cut him and you turn the team over to Marsh. At that point the season will be lost and you might as well use it to develop him. If that fails you look to trade for or sign a FA QB in the off season like Ottawa, BC, Hamilton, Edmonton and Winnipeg did...

I agree, but what about Brink? He actually looked the best of all the QBs in preseason and he at least knows the league.

The thing that makes me sick with worry is that both Smith and Marsh have regressed massively this year and some part of that has to stick to the QB coach...

....Give Brink a shot..I know he can hit wide open receivers something that Smith seemed unable to do...Alex is a competent qb. and would give the Als. more of a chance...He seems to get happy feet and is slow to release the ball BUT at least he can get it where it's supposed to go (most of the time)...I liked Brink when he was with us...You can't meet a better guy...I know a lot of people will say 'nice guys finish last' BUT he does have some upside..I don't know whether Higgins will see him as a starter but after watching Smith in the last one, could it hurt.. :roll:

Yes, he could be ahead of Marsh. I just really like what Marsh brings. He just needs to play.

Not in this offence, under this QB coach. He actually looked worse than Smith in the second preseason game. Same problems with accuracy on his throws and he couldn't connect with anybody.

If Smith can't get it done after six games, I'd cut him, promote Brink, ride the rest of the season out, and then sort out the coaching situation in the offseason. I don't want Marsh ruined by having to run what we laughably call an offence; it won't do anything except kill his confidence.

Anybody got AC's phone number?

He's in Greece with his family for a month. He ain't rushing home!

Tiger-Cats are even worse than we are. They have no offense or defense.

....Yikes.....the Cats should never go to Regina :lol: ...I was pushing for Collaros in the offseason...Kind of glad we ended up with Willy, who you guys will see live shortly :wink: ...The Als. certainly are still in the game, if the Cats continue to play like the effort they put out in Regina tonight..

Schadenfreude (/???d?nfr??d?/; German: [??a?d?n?f???d?] is pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. This word is taken from the German language. The literal English translation is ‘Harm-Joy’. It is the feeling of joy or pleasure when one sees another fail or suffer misfortune. It is also borrowed by some other languages.

Feeling a little bit of this after watching the Hamilton game. At least we have an o-line.

And getting back on topic, I would give Smith another half on Friday. If there is no improvement I put in Brink to start the second half.

And we need a game plan to maximize Smiths strengths, not Calvillos.

[i]Marsh is what 23? He was 22 last year. He joined the Als with training camp in progress. He is raw and has very little experience playing pro caliber defenses.

Despite that, he showed some good things last season. Sure he made mistakes, but that is to be expected from a young QB. Also, he admitted that it set him back that time when Doug Berry screamed at him on the sidelines. THis is a young man. He needs mentorship and guidance, not to have his arse chewed out...

If Mr. 6 on the Wonderlic Heismann trophy Troy still sucks after 6 games, give the offense to Marsh. It will take some time, but he has real upside.

But Johnny agrees, the OC has not designed a playbook tailored for the skillsets of Smith or Marsh. [/i]

If we could figure out just what Smith's strengths are. . .