new QB

Esks sighned a new QB.Jose Joseph.He seems to have some impressive stats and a possitive outlook.Other teams seem to have an over run of QBs but under the mentoring of ray and maas i think this is a possitive direction.Any thoughts?

First I'm hearing of it. Are Ray and Maas are only QBs right now? We've traded Jyles and LeFors, and I can't remember if we had anyone behind them. Probably not a bad idea to bring in another guy.

Juan Joseph is officially 3rd string QB behind maas and ray as the esks only have 3 now.

Nice move by the Esks now we have someone to hold Rays clipboard and water bottle.

Somehow I don't think he'll be the last QB signed before camp opens. With 9 US tryout dates on the books they'll come home from that trip with at least one more.

I'm sure they'll bring in at least one more, but i was just saying that technically as of today Joseph is our 3rd string. By the way yahoo sports rates him as the 3rd best "wildcat QB" prospect for this year's NFL draft. If the wildcat CFL formation rules get passed maybe we'll see some wildcat formations.

"Wildcat quarterbacks

  1. White
  2. Jacary Atkinson, Tuskegee
    3. Juan Joseph, Millsaps
  3. Bobby Reid, Texas Southern
  4. Rodney Landers, James Madison"

Very true with regards to the Wildcat however Juan Joseph never played against the type of defenses that Pat White played against. So I believe the gap from first to second on that list is a considerable one even if the remaining 4 are close.