new QB!!!!!

try to get BC's quarterback casey printers......even if he's injured. clearly the riders current QB's suck....greene cant throw( unless to the other team ), and he fumbles too much....atleast if they get printers, they have a shot next year, cuz they aint makin the playoffs this year unless they only play hamilton and winnipeg the rest of the way ( only teams they have beat ).

1St Wally Bouno will never trade him
2nd Riders can not afford to sign him
3rd The riders have nothing to trade to BC that would interest them. They have no weak points at this time would you trade now wake up and smell the coffe.

well...seeing that BC is undefeated they have an asset thats expendable...and he's injured, so would be cheeper than not a riders fan so dont tell me to wake up, im sayin if i was GM, i would try to talk about it to see what it would take...rather than pilin up more losses and doing nothing

Great you had your coffee. The thing here is you do not trade your strength to the enemy. Why would you. If you are Wally would you take the MVP of 2004 and trade him. Please no coach is that stupid. In the off season there might be a chance. But Printers or even Maas will come at a high cost. Rider Fans though Burris was to much ha ha ha well think again.

im not sayin they can get sayin they should try everything they can...maybe he is available...unless BC is keepin him for when DD retires...
which is prolly what they're doing....DD cant play forever.

they shoulda grabbed jones b4 hamilton did.....someone was asleep at the wheel.

They can try all they want to get Printers, but it’s not going to happen. No team is stupid enough to allow that calibre of QB to come to a team which has the potential to be a contending team - even if they are not even coming close to achieving that potential at this time. It’ll never happen - at least not this season.

even if they did get him THIS wouldnt help cuz hes injured!!

unless BC is keepin him for after DD retires, hes a wasted asset!

Dickenson's only 33, I believe. He could have a couple more good years until he retires. I don't think Printers is willing to hold a clipboard for that long.

Actually he is only 32. I thought he was much older than the 33 you mentioned so I went to the BC site and checked.

I am surprised.

well then BC needs to decide to trade DD or printers...cant keep both for long!!!!!

Barring any major malfunctions, Printers will be traded in the off-season to an Eastern team (TO I bet).

There is nothing anyone can do this season to budge him from BC.
Repeat - There is nothing anyone can do this season to budge him from BC.
One more time - There is nothing anyone can do this season to budge him from BC

I'd be willing to bet that Printers will try to jump to the NFL given the chance.

Of that I am sure

I also would like to see a QB change, i dont like NG never have and never will!! If you watch him throw a pass, its either up 2 high! or 2 feet on front of the reciever on the turf! I think its time for a change... this guy (NG) isnt going to be the QB. If you watch that game between sask@ calgary, a high pressured game for the fans, he blew it! :x NG cant handle any kind of pressure including playoffs! trade, trade, trade Casey Printers might be the man :wink:

Crandell throws for over 300 yards in 2 quarters and we already have Rider fans bitching about a new qb because we lost to Montreal? Shame...

shame.... i guess you dont know the whole story! it takes more than 1 game 2 decide on a new QB... your no rider fan or you would be asking for a new QB unrealRiders. :wink:

It's the Rider fans like you that give us a bad name...hell if I was a BC or Edmonton fan I'd be pissing my pants laughing listening to fans like you.

i think you should take the Riders name out of your nic (unrealRiders) because if you dont see or think we need a QB change then you dont watch 2 much football...WAKE UP!! :wink: WE do need a QB change :expressionless: i guess you think that everything been good in Riderville? well i am just feed up with a QB who cant throw to a player on the fly! They(receiver) have to to be on some kind of timing pattern and if your not there..its the recievers fault cause i wont throw a pass to u even if your open! :shock:

Alright then. Apparently you seem to know much more about football and a lot more about what is going with the Riders team than I do. Tell me which quarterback we need then, and why will he better than what we have?

Casey Printers #1 choice- strong arm, smart guy, wants to be #1 very moble :wink: im just sayin NG cant do it! i see othe QB's advancing to a higher level and NG just stays the same...struggling year after year, why cant we just have a QB we all can beleive in :wink: year after year