Just heard on CJOB this morning that Taman has 3 NFL QB’S on his list.

QB- Rohan Davey (Played with Arizona last year as back-up)

QB- Shaun King (Played With the Colts last year as 3rd string)

QB - Anthony Wright (not sure if i remember where he played)

Any info on these guys? I know King is like 30 years old and Davey i think is 29, i heard positive things about these 2, Davey is a monster at 235 LBS and has a hell of an arm and i know King has been around the NFL for a few years.

Anyone have info on this Wright Guy?

So itlooks as though Taman is working the NFL again, now with

the 2 college kids he signed
and possibly Banks ???

What are we looking at this year 6 or 7 qb’s in camp…lol… actually might do us some good.

Anthony Wright used to play for Dallas....started a few games as I recall........not great but not awful either. Not terribly big, so he may be a better fit for the CFL, but like King he may be getting a bit long in the tooth.

Your post says Taman has signed has signed 2 college QBs; I know of only one, Holland; who's the other one?

Also I thought Dinwiddie had committed to the AFL so he wasn't returning....having seen him play last year, no great loss there.

cool, i guess it was only one college kid? i thought it was 2, i was wrong. Dinwiddie still has a contract with the BB'S, but Taman might just let him go, he was nothing spectacular anyway's, but never really got the chance to play alot or practice with the first team.

I know King is a little head strong, don't really need that here, but ya never know. If Wrighht started in Dallas, then maybe Taman won't sign him, maybe the big D might re-sign him i case there starter goes down. We'll seee i suppose.

No, Dallas has already signed Brad Johnson to back up Romo, so no way Wright will be back with the Cowboys.

Looks like King started every game for the Bucs in 2000. That's pretty impressive, as are his numbers (almost 3000 yards that season). After that I guess he went to 2nd string, but you know he's seen the spotlight. From the looks of Wright, he had alot of "odd jobs" with different teams. Over the span of his NFL career as a backup he's achieved over 3500 yards. I wouldn't mind either one of these guys to come and workout with the Big Blue.

Either one of them would be better than Tee Martin, Pat Barnes, Spergon Wynn, Ryan Dinwiddie, Mike Quinn, and all the other stiffs who have tried to be backup QBs in Winnipeg the past few seasons....

Bring back Stanley Jackson~!!!!

King is on the Ticats' negotiation list. He even attended a game at Ivor Wynne last year. Cross him off your list, Bomber fans.

Tee Martin - Lots of hype...HUGE bust
Pat Barnes - Nice comeback win against the Als a few years ago...showed signs but never got enough reps behind KJ
Spergon Wynn - Never tested in Winnipeg
Ryan Dinwiddie - CFL potential, worth another look this season
Mike Quinn - Cost the Blue Bombers a home playoff game (Why he threw into double coverage on 1st and 10 against the best pass defence in the CFL we'll never know...)
Stanley Jackson - Not the answer either
Brian Stallworth - Never took a snap...
Brad Banks - what a shame giving him #17
Khari Jones - Bring him back as insurance and to mentor Glenn into a Grey Cup QB!!!!!

I don't think Khari is an option, we need to start developing some younger QB'S, i am confident that Kevin will have a solid year with all the offensive wepons he has now (Blink, Milt, Brazzell and Armstrong for a whole year)

I think The BB's should give Holland a shot at 3rd string for a year or 2 and learn the system. We need Banks back for sure as a backup (just in case Kevin goes down), but we can also have 2 Younger QB'S as back ups and they can learn the system.

I think Khari would be a great choice in the future as a QB coach with us, he loves the PEG, but i would rather have Matt Dunnigan here as a coach.
We will make the playoffs this year and give a good run at top spot in the East.

Well, negotiation list doesn't mean squat number one, If the BB's contacted him, guaranteed he would choose the Peg over Hamilton, due to the fact that with Hamilton, he would be 3RD string, he doesn't wanna be, he would back up (#2) though and that is what the BB's Need.

Enough Said ... Even if he doesn't come to the Peg, that is fine, there are many more NFL qb's out there.

Oh and have fun in last place again this year, you will be driving to T.O to see The Bombers in the GC....LOL....

Blue & Gold I was tending to agree with everything you said in your last two posts until that last line.....

I'll stick my neck out and predict that Hamilton will be much improved this year and that the Argos will finish last.

Mind you I predicted that last year and we all know how that turned out.......

Rohan Davey also has quite the list of accomplishments. He was behind tom brady as the 2nd string during those 4 patriot superbowl runs. Hes also pretty mobile for a big guy like a Culpepper. I think he has 2 or 3 superbowl rings :open_mouth: