New QB in town

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Could be a solid signing.

Doesn't sound like he wants to be in the CFL, I'll take it that DD injury may be more serious than first thought.

Not necessarily I think this was in the works for awhile and when Durant got hurt in the BC game things probably got more serious. Not having a back up for Tino is not a good situation so it makes sense to bring someone in just in case.

Believe me Keith is very excited to be given the opportunity to play...

KP17 is one of the nicest, hardworking guys I have ever met, It won't take long before people love having him around.

We'll if he is a hard worker he will quickly find out how much the community will support him. Takes time though to work your way up the depth chart. Study hard.

cant wait to see this guy on the field in some game action. If Sunseri cant pull off a win against the Redblacks, we will have to see if Price can leap frog Doege and get some CFL experience.

Hope he is a quick study , love to see him in for a bit in the Ottawa game. A few nights with the football and all should be good.

Just a little teaser

Well it looks like he's fairly mobile and certainly not a feet in the cement qb. That mobility is appealing for sure especially in the CFL. Looks like he can be accurate throwing on the run too. I hope he is a quick study but unless the game is lopsided either way I don't think he will see any action against Ottawa. Yes he looks like he has potential but again this is college ball and yes they are not terrible still the game is at a different pace in pro ball.

Certainly think we have to see what he can do after getting some practice reps in and of course once he gets some time adjusting to our game. Hate to throw him in and have him bomb just because he isn't up to speed. I can certainly see him getting an invite to spring camp though and try to take the number 2 spot. Heck maybe some competition is what Tino needs to bring out the best in him.

Watched the highlights, kid looks sharp and not scared to run with it!! Would love to see him in a game somewhere to see how he does here!!

then again, it's a promotional highlight reel...they're only going to show you the best clips. Not saying he's bad, but maybe isn't a true representation.

From the Huskies own page (career stats at the bottom):

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agreed that it is a high light video so of course it's going to show the best parts but it does also show his mobility and his passing abilities or at least gives an indicator towards that. Time will tell if he's a stud or a dud I guess.

I saw nothing for him throwing across the field. Sideline arm is a massive part of being a good QB in the CFL, and where a lot of guys sink