New QB in Regina!

A little bird told me that the Riders have a new QB in town. He was not at practise today, but don't be surprised to hear about a new signing sometime next week.

I heard earlier this afternoon that he was at practice, but not practicing (only observing)...either way, he wasn't playing, and I've been trying to find out who it is since this morning...:lol:

Grabbed from

The QB was Jeremy Young.

Beat me to it billy, interesting to say the least.

Just read his bio, not sure how he can help us this season. Unless they are looking at releaseing Jyles or Tate and want to put him on the practice roster.

Does look like a good young QB though.

tate or jyles are saying good-bye, time for fresh rookie blood

I say get ride of Jyles...he had his shot and looked shaky and nervous...don't cut tate without giving him a chance...especially since he has huge potential (just made out of glass)

Interesting.. I wonder if this QB from southern Miss had a chat with a certain coach from Ole Miss... and told him about coming north...

My Vote is for Tate to get the apple and road map.


I would like to see Tate get a chance, and I like Jyles arm strength but I don't know if he has the smarts to play. I am not too worried about QB with the emergence of Durrant. Interesting to see what will happen with Orban next year? Was it just PR or does he have a shot?

I think Orban still has a year of CIS eligibility left, which is why he isn’t being given a shot yet. If he plays this year, he’s then ineligible for the CIS.

I really want to see Tate have a fair chance, and i dont care for Jyles, if any FA CFL expierenced QB had potential its Sankey, so either way, can Jyles and bring in Sankey! Also im a little pissed right now but i always wanted to know, what does PR stand for ?

Practice roster.

Public Relations

Punt Returner

Thanks guys :smiley:

ahem...guys and gals...

Ladies & Gents** ... sorry :frowning:

:lol:...I'm over it.

Anyone catch are third stringer for the aug 7th game against Calgary who the hell is Friehauf??