New QB For Next Year

It looks like the Jason Maas era is over in Hamilton. While it may be due to a career-threatening injury, there is no way they can bring him back next year. It's been worse than the Tim Rosenbach and Don McPherson quarterback led season's. The fans just won't buy into it next year so there is no alternative for the Tiger-Cats. Who do we go after with CFL experience? Well, my first choice would be Buck Pierce from B.C., who looks like Dunigan did in the early part of his career. The next two choices would probably have to be Nealon Greene or Rocky Butler. If I were Marcel Desjardins, I'd be talking trade with Buono to try and get Pierce in here for next year.

Problem is Buch Pierce is starting some games for BC or successfully moping up.

No chance getting him unless he's a free agent.

I'd love to see Pierce come here.

Nealon Greene ...naaah

Butler....? not happy there either.

Hard to please eh?

Not overly impressed with Greene or Butler either, but those are probably your best choices like it or not. What I'm saying is that Pierce deserves to be a starter and Buono might be willing to trade him to give him that chance. Would it cost us something good? Probably, but that's what it costs for an experienced CFL quarterback.

Pierce??...gimme a break!..he is not a proven QB in the was suppose to be the "Mass" era....whos to say the Pierce era wont flop...i think that Nealon a good choice...i think with this type of game you need a mobile QB...

Winfield07,I wish you were Wally Buono ,because then we'd get a good young QB who plays like a Matt Dunnigan...

Watch him next Saturday when Montreal is in BC,if Dickenson goes down again...
Watch him ,he's perfect.

Just like I thought, you've probably never seen Pierce play quarterback this season or last. Ask Mommy if you can stay up late next Saturday night to watch him play. :roll:

Buck Pierce is in his option year, so nobody will have to trade for him, he'll be a free agent in February unless he resigns with the Lions

Thanks DB,I guess we can expect the A team to be bidding on him too?

So he would have to play out his option year and then become a free agent.

No he's a free agent in Feb.,is what DB meant...

Yes, I Cancel the trade talks then and go after him on the first day of free agency. Even better for the 'Cats then. They won't have to give anything up except money.

Are you all on drugs? There is NO WAY Wally Buono is going to let the future of the BC Lions get away.

How did they discover Bucky, by putting him in when their #1 QB was hurt. Dos that tell you something good fans.

That's true, but Pierce has performed well whenever he's been called upon to enter a game, this year and last year. He's not a "one game wonder" like many back-ups in this league tend to be.

Here's an idea...lets actually start developing quarterbacks like Buono so that we can actually be competitive for two or three years in a row. Heck we had Cavillo, Allen and Dunigan once. They managed to put in sub-par seasons with us and succeed with others. Gee-wilikers maybe we could even invest in scouting like Popp in Montreal. They seem to have some success there regularly.

I'm liking the looks of Ohio State's Troy Smith tonight.
Musberger suggested he might be a bit short for the NFL. But the height issue hasn't been quite as much of an issue lately. And Smith is 6'1, which isn't that short.

For the offseason the team should focus on dramatically improving the O-line and receivers (we have an abundance of good running backs) as they will make a so-so QB look good.

As good as Pierce looks, remember he has Simon, Claremont, Thelwell, Jackson etc. to throw to, all of them are tall and sure-handed, arguably the best receiving corps in the league.

With all of our talented scouts now in place, why can't we find any QB's out there. We seem to be the only franchise that has trouble finding QB's. McCarthy and Smith gotta earn their keep, I would say.

Flumberoski you are exactly right. It is the receivers. Simon catches a 10 yard pass a runs for yards. Plus the receivers make that one amazing catch that gains the confidence of the QB which allows him to get back on track. I am not sticking up for our QB, or saying that Pierce is not a good QB (because I think he is a great QB) but we need a receiving core and that is the bottom line. If we could get that one Winfield or Flutie who finds the ball and makes a play with it. This will help all of the other receivers get open. But we have a bunch of equals. Guys who can be covered one on one. No threats. Maybe Vaugn in his day, but not now! I think Hill might be that guy but the jury is still out.

You're not Marcel Desjardins. Thank God for that. :lol: