New QB for 2012 please!

First of all I'd like to thank Kevin Glenn for his service as the Tiger-Cats starting QB. He came in and settled down the position for us after suffering through the train wrecks known as Jason Maas and Casey Printers. He performed admirably for the Tiger-Cats who were not considered to be anything more than a re-building mediocre team. There were no expectations. Period.

Fast forward to today.

The Tiger-Cats are supposed to be one of the better teams in the league... now they need a QB that can carry that load.

This thrashing by the Als was pathetic!

Yes, the defense sucked too. They couldn't stop a peewee team. Terrible. But Glenn was worse!

Every catch that his receivers made they had to dive, jump, stretch, etc...

None of this throws looked crisp, he can't scramble and he's not getting any younger.

Time to move on.

Hi Rusty:

I'm not Keven Glenn's biggest supporter, however let's keep some things in mind.

Going back to last season, we beat Montreal and they say the best quarterback this league has EVER seen, three of the last four times, and I'm not including the exhibition game this season.

Calvillo is a well schooled quarterback and our defence, except for today, have made him look quite confused, frustrated and ordinary. As of today, he is 1-3 against the Cats.

Conversely, Kevin Glenn is 3-1 against Montreal. He has also been in the top 3 quarterback stats for most of this year. In those 3 wins, his offence has outscored Cavillo's group 118-50.

We're still leading the series against them 2-1.

Not bad for a quarterback that you want to discard.

Glenn is certainly inconsistent no doubt. Has been his entire career.

Flashes of brilliance one week, yet abysmal the next.
After ten seasons under his belt, you would hope the kinks would have been ironed out long ago but...

Problem is, if we got rid of Glenn, who would take his place?
Quality CFL QB's do not grow on trees, and we would have to find one who is better than KG.
KG is likely the 4th or 5th best QB in the CFL so we'd have to improve on that which would be very difficult.

Porter is not the answer, as he is prone to INT and misreads.

And Obie is not a magician, thus all we can do is cross our fingers and hope that KG will perform well in the playoffs, including the O-line.

Not much else they can do at the moment.


Oski Wee Wee,


For the foreseeable future, this team will only go as far as Glenn is able to take it. There are no viable alternatives to Glenn either on the roster or elsewhere (would you really want Cleo Lemon?). So he had a bad game. A really bad game. However, it's just one game. Keep a sense of proportion to the situation. He's had a lot more good games than bad.

From what I saw this aft, Obie would do well to look at his secondary again. AC lit them up pretty good today. QB is not his biggest problem.

An Argo-Cat fan

Last week everyone loved him ... Lose one Game and we should get rid of him ?.. Don't hurt yourself jumping off the Bandwagon ... :lol:

I must be reading the wrong posts. Seldom have a read what a great QB Glen is. Yes he manages to have some brilliant games but he has not shown the capability to win the big game. I agree though, at this time he is the best we have. Porter is looking worse each and every time I see him.

Kevin Glenn is having the same problem has Henry Burris. Great QB who periodically craps out a bad game. Glenn however seems to be slowly but surely reducing the amount of craps from season to season.

Regardless though, Porter isn't the answer. Right now we are keeping him because he can run, and he can take a periodic snap and confuse the opposition. I just don't see him though ever improving enough to be a starter again. I'm probably going to get flamed for suggesting it, but Cleo Lemon has shown more improvement then Porter. Now that's not to say lets bring Cleo on, but I just don't see Porter evolving into starter material.

I think the real culprit is our DBs. Something needs to be done to shakeup these guys and if Obie could somehow swing trading aware Porter and some draft picks for Pile, I think we'd be smiling a bit more.

And as the Hammer says

Kevin Glenn is having the same problem has Henry Burris.

Great QB who periodically craps out a bad game.

Even though not many would agree that Kevin is a great quarterback, another top CFL QB,
the usually very consistent Anthony Calvillo, has crapped out some bad games, too, Hammer

And as you say

Glenn however seems to be slowly but surely reducing the amount of craps from season to season.
Kevin was hot for several weeks in games and at practice...consistently accurate with his passes

I am sure he will bounce back from this poor performance and "get on a roll" again.


IMO, it is not possible for any quarterback acquired from another CFL roster or from the U.S.
to step in in mid season and produce stats that are better than Kevin Glenn's are now.

It's too hard for any QB to learn the nuances of an entirely new set of players and an entirely new set of plays
and get their timing down so that they can physically execute the plays effectively in the middle of the season

even if he is familiar with the Canadian game and has a year or two of CFL experience under his belt.

Introducing a quarterback from the U.S. in mid season is insanity.. that's just asking for trouble.

I agree,Glen has done the best he could since being here but its time to find that QB that is more consistent with less panic and more control in tight situations.After 10 years Glen is at his peak but its over brother,its time to move into your second career. :cowboy:

Glenn is fine. He was not the problem last game.

Defence sucked and the run game was atrocious, Cobourne went 5 rushes for 2 yards, for an average of 0.4 yards per rush. Sure it's bad average, but what does it say when the run game is abandoned after only 5 rushes?

Glenn's not going anywhere this season and I suspect he'll keep the job for 2012. Porter certainly hasn't shown any game time signs of taking over the starter's job. Keep in mind the 2013 season will probably be a waste given the TiCats inability to win on the road. That will be the time to bring in a new, young QB and flush out the growing pains in preparation for 2014 and IWS2.

I agree Ockham.

As tough as this year will be, when the Cats go on their nomadic tour in 2013, times will be a lot tougher. It's going to be a very tall order to expect this team to be competitive under those circumstances. The team and staff will be out of their accustomed environment all season, and I anticipate they will be calling a few strange places home. Not sure how this can be fair to the players, coaches and fans in the Hammer, but I guess that's life during renovations. Yeah, I know, in 2014 some of this group will see a sparkling new stadium. In the meantime, my expectations for 2013 will be pretty low.

The league should cut them a break with the scheduling that year, but I doubt they will. They usually reserve those privileges for their favourite son, David Braley.

Mostly agree with the Kevin has a bad game gang ... and completely agree with the Kevin can't run, throw a deep ball and hasn't won a big one gang.

If Porters not the answer then why is he still here?

If our DB's aren't good enough why haven't we found replacements?

IMO the answer is one of two things.(or a combination of both) Bob doesn't/can't give Obie the budget to do the job or Obie is a 500 GM. ( my guess is that Obie is a heck of nice guy, but a 500 GM )

We should find out in 2014 because I'm sure Bob will open the purse for the first season in the new staduim.... or then again.... if the Leafs were getting a new staduim they probably would go with a minor league line up as fans would come out anyway to see the staduim... :lol:

All points on Glenn are accurate. He can win a big game, but everything else has to be nearly perfect. Receivers can't be dropping balls, the run game has to be effective, etc.

Porter is very effective on 2nd & 1. That's my guess as to why he's still here.

We've been playing musical DBs for several years now.

I don't suspect the budget is the issue. More likely Marcel has plateaued at .500 However, there's still time for him to figure things out and bring us to the Promised Land.

A Grey Cup win or appearance at least should be absolutely critical for the TiCats this year and/or next. The 2013 season has the potential to hurt Bob's wallet and the season ticket holder base going forward. Nothing a taste of success can't cure but 1999 is a distant memory for some and a link on the history page for others.

Now I don't want to cause a fuss or nuttin

But after reading how pleased everyone was how Alouettes supporters were freaking out following the loss 2 weeks ago

I have to admit to being tickled by this thread.

I'm no Kevin Glenn fan.

But really...considering the rarity of decent quarterbacks in this game...and yes...the fiasco that was Cleo Lemon (a cautionary tale for us all)
No one can seriously be considering dumping Glenn
Even after the latest A** Woopin

The Ticats were beaten by a better team
At least on that particular Sunday
As an Als fan...I'm glad the giant finally woke up.

With the exception of the blue team, every other has the potential to play in the GC this year. It's up to the TiCats coaching staff to figure out how to win with Glenn.