New QB - Devlin Hodges

TSN had a story for REDBLACKS signing new QB Devlin Hodges

Full NFL stats:

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Happy but reserved .

It's not like a Condrege Holloway , Tom Clements signing or even JC Watts .

But he does have a resume not sure why two others waived him thru after the Steelers 3-3 maybe the 8 interceptions versus 5 TD's ; will wait and see if he adjusts to the Canadian game maybe they found another guy like the new Mayor of Calgary .

It's a fresh signing with hope and that's at least a break in the cycle .


…is this the helmet swinging dude?

Perkins took that decision out of their hands in preseason
Hodges had no chance (they literally did not even let him play after decision was made)

In LA Bryce Perkins for sure ....... .

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I think that was Rudolph and Hodges moved up as a result .

Many an American quarterback has come here (CFL) and failed because they could not adapt to the Canadian game...not to say he will...BUT.......