new QB. Darrell Hackney

...Cannon for an arm....very good running/scrambling type qb.....scored 40 on the wonderlic test (very bright)...Could this guy be the secret weapon about to be unleashed on the CFL....orrrrrrr....another :oops: Tee Martin....He has been released by the Denver Broncos just recently and seems like a nice signing....Guess we'll see what he can do at training camp ....According to our data base guru,Murphy, he's starting material....We'll see.... :roll:

It's not being the second coming of Tee Martin that I'd be worried about.

It's if he's the second coming of Michael Bishop.

He too had a cannon of an arm......................but accuracy and recognizing which players were his receivers and which were defenders were the problems.

...he may be a little bit brighter...(Bishop was 10 on the wonderlic)....enabling him to sort out his receivers :lol:
I caught a clip of him...quick release like a Danny Mac....and is very tough to bring down....scary good....BUT will his abilities translate to the CFL style.....???????stay tuned... :wink:

He's the real deal pappa

Newest pivot packs cannon

Ex-Bronco Hackney has Bombers fantasizing

By: Ed Tait

He's as big as a linebacker and sports a throwing arm so prodigious he can rifle a ball through a car wash without the ol' pigskin getting wet, as the old expression goes.
Question now is, can Darrell Hackney be a contender in the Winnipeg Blue Bombers' wide-open quarterback derby or is he just another live arm recruited for training camp?

"Believe me," said Bomber director of player personnel John Murphy, "this guy isn't a project. We'll see how quickly he adapts, but we wanted to bring in somebody who isn't battling just for the third spot. And if his learning curve isn't exceptionally long, we could have a situation like B.C. and how they developed two quarterbacks (Buck Pierce and Jarious Jackson), or like (CFL rookie) Quinton Porter did last year in Hamilton.

"He has a skill set that really works for this league. He will definitely have the best arm of anybody here. When you just watch this kid throw, he'll draw the same ooohs and aaahs that (longtime CFL vet) Michael Bishop did."

Hackney (6-0, 235, Alabama-Birmingham) becomes the fifth quarterback on the Bombers' depth chart after Stefan LeFors, Ryan Dinwiddie, Bryan Randall and James Kilian, and heads north after spending two years with the Denver Broncos. He holds several UAB career passing records, including yards (9,886), touchdowns (71), completions (694) and most total offence per game (243.4 yards).

A project-type player for former Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan, Hackney knew his days in Denver would be short after the coach was fired and Denver traded Jay Cutler for Kyle Orton following the signing of free agent Chris Simms. Sure enough, four days after Cutler was traded, Hackney was released and, according to Murphy, he was put on the Bombers' neg list about 30 seconds later.

The Bombers opted to sign Hackney over two other QBs they've mentioned previously -- former Jacksonville Jaguars starter Quinn Gray and Utah Utes star Brian Johnson -- because both those pivots remain on NFL radar screens.

"I look at this as an opportunity to progress and keep my career going," Hackney said Thursday from his home in Atlanta. "I'm looking forward to the CFL, the longer and wider field and all the passing. That's the type of quarterback I am. I'm a pocket passer.

"I learned a lot from the quarterbacks in Denver when I was there -- Jay Cutler and Patrick Ramsey. They taught me a lot about how to be an NFL quarterback and putting the time in to study the game. Coach Shanahan taught me a lot about preparing myself. He used to quiz me a lot on plays and formations the night before a game. The offensive co-ordinator, Jeremy Bates (now at USC), also taught me to make every opportunity count and to leave it all on the field.

"I'm just looking forward to this opportunity and I'm thankful for the Winnipeg organization for giving me that. All I want to do is compete. I love competing. Hopefully I get a shot to stay in Winnipeg for a long time or wherever my career takes me."

BLUE NOTES: The Bombers also announced the signing of import defensive back Jonathan Hefney and extended the contract of defensive end Fred Perry through 2011. Hefney (5-foot-9, 190, Tennessee) was a four-year starter at either cornerback or safety with the Volunteers. Perry was picked up in the Kelly Malveaux trade with Edmonton two weeks ago.

Meet the newest Blue QB

Name: Darrell Hackney

Ht.: 6 feet; Wt.: 235

Born: Aug. 7, 1983.

Hometown: Atlanta, Ga.

College: University of Alabama-Birmingham.

Holds several UAB career passing records; Conference-USA All-Freshman Team (2002); C-USA Freshman of the Year (2002).

Pro: Signed as an undrafted free agent by the Cleveland Browns in 2006; released that year. Signed by the Denver Broncos in 2007 and spent '07 and '08 there. Started two pre-season games for the Broncos. Cut by the Broncos on April 6, 2009. Signed by the Bombers on May 28, 2009.

Video clips:

-- Tait

Does the description of a QB built like a linebacker remind you of any former Bomber QB’s? The first guy that came to mind for me was Dunnigan, and that would be a WONDERFUL find.
I am really excited to see these guys battle it out very soon, and although this guy is at a disadvantage right now (the others have had the play book for awhile), I would not be surprised to see him climb the depth chart quickly.
The only ranking of our QB’s that is safe to say at this point is that Lefors is going to be the favorite.

Killian really looks like the odd man out to me. Randall, Lefors, Dinnwiddie and Hackney all look like very good Prospects.. I can see either of Randall or Hackney as high as number 2.. With Lefors and Dinwiddie fighting it out for the number one spot. One of them will probably be number two as none of these guys comand a high salary.

It sould be interesting... A strong Mobile QB with brains to boot? His you tube clips make me pretty excited. Had a very nice scramble TD pass against arizona while playing with Denver.

Just a take on his arm strength, apparantly during a work out, after practice he threw the ball through the uprights, while on one knee!

This guy seems like a future star to me, I wonder how Murph got him to sign in the CFL so quick?

Hackney is my favorite pick, his size and scrambling ability should be a godsend for Kelly, and definitely not the second coming of Michael Bishop, Michael's background is no where near Hackneys' resume.


He was on one knee on the fifty yard line.. forgot to include that for some reason... sorry folks.

This guy is just another Randall, and we all know how many games Randall started for the Bombers over the past two years.

The Bombers are in huge trouble at QB.

......Hackney could be a pleasant surprize.....He definitely has a steep learning curve ...however he is very bright and we'll see how quickly he catches on to CFL requirements.....All five qbs. reported yesterday and are raring to go...Someone ain't gonna make the cut....Best man wins.....Dinwiddie has packed on a few more pounds and sounds like he really wants the starters job ...this could get very interesting.... :thup: :rockin:

You do realise that Randall is only 25? Many great QB's in this league got their start holding the clip board.
Both Randall and Hackney have great potential, but I don't expect either of them to make much noise THIS year.

What I am most excited about this year is the fact that all of our QB's are mobile, and it seems the playbook is going to take advantage of that. It's been too long that we fans have had to watch plain vanilla offence schemes, with immobile fragile QB's at the helm.
I was getting sick of watching Glenn exagerate every little hit.

...I have to agree on the 'wimp' look Glenn displayed on occasion....lord knows he got thumped and dumped enough....however...Dinwiddie showed everyone last year what he was made of, when he got his ankle twisted into a knot and refused to let Berry take him out of the game...That's the kind of toughness and grit i like to see in a qb. IF only Ryan had a stronger arm, i know he'd be right-up there with the best in this league....Interesting comment from a gm. on some other club..(can't confirm) He says Randall will be the starter by Labour Day...hmmmmmmm....this gets more interesting by the day.... :roll: :wink:

That same piece by Tait says Dinwiddie has put on 10 pounds of muscle, about time, could be just what he needed to get over the hump.

I think Mike Kelly will be the starting QB by labour day.

Crotch 1, Crotch 2, Crotch 3.... Crotch Crotch:lol:

Yep. Probably has a stronger arm and is a little faster if thats the case... It'll be very interesting watching him and Lefors... Could be the best depth we have had in a long time... or it could be the worst :oops:

Im kind of leaning towards the best though to be honest..

Don't agree................I think your best depth at QB in recent years was when you had Khari Jones, Kevin Glenn, and Stanley Jackson.

But that's coming from the President of the Stanley Jackson Fan Club, mind you (and I'm also Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and indeed the entire membership of said club).

But or worst? We shall soon know............................I just hope for your sake one of them steps up and gets the job done, so that we don't have to make comparisons to Tee Martin, TJ Rubley, Mike Quinn, and the suchlike.

Hackney is a great prospect. But who is going to win games this year?

Well boys, Hackney showed up increadibly over weight, looks like a bowling ball.. increadibly disapointing...

Looks like Lefors Dinnwiddie and Randall to me....

No problem Coach Miker, as long as we stop at KFC on the way to your place :lol: