New QB - Brett Elliott

Believe just bringing him in for a look. His name was mentioned in todays Spec article.

Brett Elliott Grade: 3.19
Position: QB
Class: 6Sr
School: Linfield
Conference: Northwest
Ht., Wt.: 6-3, 203
40 Time: 5.26

Grading System

BIO: Two-year starter, won the Melberger award as the top Division III player in the country. Senior passing numbers included 69.9%/4,019/49/9. Guided Linfield to a national title as a junior, posting 66.4%/4,595/61/11. Started his college career at Utah but transferred after losing his job to Alex Smith, the first pick of the .05 draft.

POSITIVES: Accurate and poised pocket passer with an outstanding feel for the game. Has great field vision, is patient in the pocket and buys time for receivers. Senses the rush, steps up to avoid it and is always in complete command of the offense. Displays an outstanding sense of timing, leading receivers over the middle or hitting them with passes as they leave their breaks. Natural looking off the safety, puts touch on throws when necessary and rarely makes poor decisions.

NEGATIVES: Takes most of the snaps out the shotgun and does not throw with proper footwork. Lacks a big arm and cannot drive passes down the field. Marginal accuracy and pass placement outside of 15 yards.

ANALYSIS: An ultra-productive signal-caller on a small-school level, Elliott offers great intangibles and skills for a West Coast offense. May never be anything other than a third quarterback but a solid roster asset.

Chang Better watch out .
He may be out of Job soon...

Now Maas is gone, and Chang may not even be on the team next year. Doesn't this fall on the coaching staff to a certain extent? Shouldn't have they seen in training camp that the QB's we had weren't going to cut it this year?

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FYI, The news on Brett Elliot is contained in the Spec article above (it also discusses the mechanics of Printers' new contract).

When is training camp? Late May and June. You audition what you have in a meaningful competition, check the waiver wire if need be, and go into opening game with a QB depth chart you can work with until there are cuts across the league and the annual NFL player airlift in August.

I don't recall ANY QB who was CFL-ready that was floating around in training camp ether as a cut or a waive who we could have jumped on, straight up.

The FA pool? Butler was arguably the best QB that was available -- and we had to trade for him. The SMS re-signing frenzy in November assured that.

Casey Printers was the PRIMO pickup we could have made to redress our situation. Could Williams have seen a lot more action sooner? Sure. But Chang's preseason stints and his Calgary opener mop-up job did place himself on a higher rung heading out of camp towards our home opener.

One can debate how long we should have stuck with Maas until one is blue in the face. The fact is that when CP was on the radar, Jason's train began leaving the station. Out.

Hindsight is 20/20 except in this fog. Casey's arrival is like laser surgery to repair weaknesses in foresight for a longtime suffering Cat fan like me. At least things will be clearer because the B.S. excuses will not have us debating which underachiever is to blame.

We have a baller now at the controls. No doubt in my mind.

Oski Wee Wee,

Welcome to Brett, BTW! LOL

He sounds interesting. The arm scouting isn't promising, but the shotgun reference is immaterial. These days, CFL offenses are relying far more on the shotgun. That experience is actually an asset.

Oski Wee Wee,

Can't hurt to have a look at him but a Division III program is not exactly high calibre football. "Marginal accuracy and pass placement outside of 15 yards" is troubling too.

I'd sign the Argo's recent cut, Eric Crouch first.

An Argo-Cat fan

He did play for Utah before he got injuried and Alex Smith took over.

Unfortunately it seems that Chang is done in Hamilton. I'm not sure I believe the statement "By no means are we giving up on Timmy Chang,"

I like the laser surgery analogy Russ.
Hope this one works out as well as mine. :smiley:

Yes, that statement is sort of reminiscent of the infamous "vote of confidence", which more often that not equates to a kiss of death. Sort of like George McGovern telling Tom Eagleton "I'm behind you 1,000 percent".

chang aint done, he needs to be cleansed, he got baptized by fire and got roasted, just allow him to settle down, maybe in the off-season, chang and williams could go on a workout plan with printers and emulate his moves and allow printers to give them tips on how play.

Elliott is easily worth the gamble. He beat out Alex Smith at Utah, but was hurt against Texas A&M. Smith stepped in and played too well to replace, so Brett transfered to a school close to home where he wouldn't have to sit out a year.
Had mixed results playing in NFL Europe this past season in a QB rotation, which he isn't really suited for. He's a bit like Favre in that he gets so fired up at the start of a game, his first few passes are usually overthrown.
Watched him roast our Division II defensive backs both times we played him when he was at Linfield.
The guy's a winner (23-1 with Linfield) and once he gets familiar with the CFL game should prove to be a solid player.

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Nice to meet you Brett/Brett's parents/Brett's sibling(s)/Brett's best friend