New Punter at Camp Today

Yup it is true. He kicked 3 pretty decent punts.

Oh you guys actually want to know who it is well I guess I can tell you who it is.

Mike Morreale

Was he under orders to "angle" them to the sidelines? :cowboy:

No they were not directed towards the sideliines they were caught by players and returned. Pat Fleming and Jaime Boreham were practicing blocking from the looks of things

Mike could step in under emergency circumstances. I will say this about his field goal kicking, he is MONEY from dead straight out, dont ask him to make it from the hash marks, otherwise.... good every time LOL.

I've seen him do both in game situations.

I hear Prefontaine is trying out as a slotback in Toronto...

Maybe Morreale can find work as a punter in a flag football league after the Cats cut him this year.

where's Morrealegirl?

Crash, flemming-girl is looking for you... :stuck_out_tongue:

f-g - just look for the person in a cape... :o


Cant a guy support a player without ribbing?

Its not like i am unrealistic in my expectations of Mike like some people around here :wink:

and for the record i did not wear the cape once last year…

I just couldn't resist that one.

You're right - you wore it at least twice, NOT once... :lol:

No, a guy can’t and neither can a girl. And I am NOT unrealistic. I have NO expectations of anyone anymore. :wink:

I intended this to be a joke. I didn't know he had prior kicking experience but seriously doubt this would happen

The thing is, i have seen him punt and kick in actual, mid-season games. Ozzy got hurt, and Mike had to step in.

bg - you should know what to expect about me by now... 8)

Are you sure that wasnt Grigg?

I’m pretty sure it was Mike. I know Grigg kicked and punted as well. Maybe Grigg punted, and Mike did the FG and converts…

i think grigg stepped in and made a few feild goals, morreale made the converts in that game.
(i remember it too)

and dammit sigpig you beat me to that crash comment.... lol (sorry crash)

When in doubt, "Ask the 'Pope"..... On Thanksgiving Day 2002, Ozzy pulled a groin muscle on the opening kick-off against the Argos. Andrew Grigg handled all the punting and field goal duties for the rest of the game. Andrew English (who could forget him), handled the kick-off duties for that game. Mike Morreale punted one time during the 2001 season, booming a Boreham-like punt of 31 yards.

I know the Pontiff remembers but remember when Steve Stapler punted for an injured Bernie Ruoff and Don Sweet, briefly, placekicked? ('85?)