New product...Tiger-Cat sneakers

I just saw a picture of the new Tiger-Cat shoes on a Facebook page. Brilliant idea !

Wondering if someone from the office could post a photo here. (and the price)

Thanks 8)


Oh boy, is it time to open the wallet again for TiCat stuff. I'm a sucker have to admit. :wink: :roll: :stuck_out_tongue:

X2 :thup:

they are pretty comfortable too...not sure on the price though, they were a gift...they are probably cheaper at jarvis st. then at the stadium though.

Nice! :thup:

I was at the TiCat store today and didnt see these.

If I had, I'd be spilling beer on them tomorrow. I'll be checking tomorrow morning though, you can bet your sweet arse.

What I'd also like to see is a TiCat backpack.

Man those really do look cool.

I hope they have an all black and gold version too. Ill buy a pair of each.

I got these the Friday before the Black & Gold Day and they cost me $80. They are really comfortable, and I have fat, Fred Flintstone-like feet.

Do they double as car brakes?

Reebok made backpacks for all the teams a couple years ago. I happen to have the Ti-Cat one. :rockin:

Where are they available?

I have Size 14 Feet Can never find shoes that fit ..
why Bought my Cleats From the Ticats.
But this regular Product I don't think carry size 14 EEE

They have them at the store at 1 Jarvis.

I think Reebok did a much better job with these shoes than they did with the CFL uniforms.

I truly hate those narrow bars around the shoulder pads on the jerseys. I've vowed since not to buy a jersey until either they are gone or the league finds another supplier.

Meantime, I would like to get a pair of those shoes!!!!

I'm sorry Reebok is an enabler for my "Imelda Marcos" problem. :lol:

Thanks to "Cooler" for posting those photos and the price.

Very nice shoes. 8)